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French Bulldog has become such a popular species that one can find them anywhere whether it is café, park, or in the corner of boutiques. They are so small they can even fit on laps and are a source of entertainment for everybody around. They have been gaining popularity since the past few years and their quantity is increased from 692 in 2007 to 21,470 in 2016.

Frenchie is one of the most popular dogs in the UK because it is considered as the detriment of the classics of the British. At first, the way a Frenchie dog looks is not pleasing to the eyes but their registration percentage has been rising continuously. This breed is defined as a petite, muscular dog in a fine protective coat. There are a few reasons why this breed has gained so much popularity in the last few years. These reasons are-

  1. Size of the dog- The foremost facto of French Bulldogs that makes them one of the most favorable is their small size which is suitable for most city dwellers as they live in small-sized apartments. Also, they are very friendly and a lovable breed because of its playful nature and can be transported along with the owner in small cabs.
  2. Less cost- Since they are so small and can live in a small place, a lot of money is saved in their living. A larger breed of the dog won’t be able to adapt and live in a small place.
  3. Opposite to the bully breeds- The larger cousins of a Frenchie that is older bulldogs are banned in certain areas because they are very dangerous whereas these little adorable puppies are welcomed in every area.
  4. Grooming is very easy- These dogs do not require a lot of grooming and are very low maintenance. They only need an occasional bath and do not need very frequent trimming or grooming appointments.
  5. Health care- Health care like any other breed requires a little extra effort like vaccines, medications to kill the internal worms, and a visit to the vet in a month or so. They do not face the problem of ear pain due to the carriage of their ears and are safe from ear infections.
  6. Celebrity Influence- As most of the people nowadays are influenced by what their favorite or ideal celebrities do, the owing of a pet is also very popular. Many celebrities own a French bulldog which makes it a very popular brand among the common people.

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