What to Do When You Slip and Fall at a Store

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What to Do When You Slip and Fall at a Store

One day you might slip and fall in a store. These types of incidents happen for various reasons. Your incident could render you eligible for personal injury compensation if it meets certain criteria. Here’s what you need to do right away if you experience it:

Notify the Store Owner

If you find yourself in a slip-and-fall incident, the first thing you need to do is notify the store owner or acting manager. That person will need to document the incident and take your statement. Do not leave the store until you tell someone who is in charge of its operations. Stay in the same spot where you feel so that the company cameras can see you there. You may contact the authorities and have them write a report of the incident as well. This step will give you a better paper trail of paperwork if your Ready Law Colorado personal injury lawyer needs to see it. 

Gather Witnesses and Evidence

The next thing you need to do is gather witnesses and evidence if you need to take your situation to court. You should have everything you need right there for your attorney to see. You should take pictures of your injury and whatever caused the injury. For example, you should take a picture of the liquid spill if you slipped because the floor was wet. Take a picture of the surroundings for reference. You don’t know when you might need to pull them out for your case. Thus, it’s a good idea to have them ready to go. 

Go See a Medical Provider

The next thing you need to do as quickly as possible is visiting a medical specialist. You will need to have a doctor evaluate you and your injuries. You should do this, even if you feel “okay.” You never know how bad an injury is until you have X-rays and other tests to see how you’re doing for real. You could have a problem that you didn’t realize you had because of the adrenalin that was in your system at first. Furthermore, you’ll need your medical bills and treatment plans. All of that can be factored into the settlement your attorney requests for you. 

Contact an Attorney

Finally, you need to schedule an appointment with a personal injury attorney. This type of provider will help you get the compensation you deserve for going through your experience. You will speak to the attorney first and give him or her some details about your case. When you’re done talking to the attorney, he or she will let you know if your case is viable. You may even be eligible for contingency representation, which means you will not have to make any payments until you win the case. Try to grab hold of that type of attorney if you can, because that person will be more determined to win your case than usual. 

Don’t worry if you slip and fall inside someone’s establishment. You could get compensation for your injuries and recovery. Take the steps mentioned above, and you’ll get everything you need and deserve. 

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