What Professional Players Would Seldom Reveal About the Double-Edged Knife Called Doubling Down Black Jack

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What Professional Players Would Seldom Reveal About the Double-Edged Knife Called Doubling Down Black Jack

Technically, there are some unique situations that require you to doubling down Blackjack. For example, you might want to consider doing it when you, after dealing with two cards, decide to enhance your first bet against a single card. You can try it with the choice of either staying eliminated or to hit. Often, gamblers try doubling down in the hope of either hiring a hand to beat the dealer. Or to make the dealer busted when his/her time comes. It can be a risky procedure, indeed. However, it is an interesting chance to avail if you want to win decently in a BlackJack game.

When to Double Up

Let us imagine a scenario. You are in a casino, especially on a Black Jack table where you are winning and losing simultaneously. While the game is almost becoming a drag, you see another dealer approaching in with a new company of players. The new dealer doubles the bet, which means he/she is anticipating a portable win in this otherwise unassuming game. There are a number of seasoned gamblers who simply take the cue from this situation and try doubling up.

What to Expect?

The double down bet strategy almost exclusively helps to improve your wager. You can make it with just the amount that you invested with the two cards that you started gaming with. However, the responsible online poker service providers like Idnlive suggests that you give it a try only when you feel that it can give you an advantage over your dealer. Even then, it is imperative to know the right times to double down.

Had A “Hard” 10?

If you get the chance to make an arrangement of 10 points from 2 cards, especially when there is no ace, then doubling down can be a smart move to make. Even if you score 9, 8 or even 7 points, you stand a positive chance to beat your dealer. Even then, reconsider your decision if your dealer has 10 points, or has an ace. While both parties enjoy equal opportunity to win hands, there is a slight difference on your part. As a player, you will be at a greater risk to lose more money than what is ‘standard’.

Check Your Dealer’s Cards

If your dealer possesses low cards, it can be a strong signal for you to double down your BlackJack bet. However, websites like Idnlive recommend that it is equally important to check your personal cards, as well. For instance, if you get a 17, or an 18, you are more likely to get busted than your dealer. Hence, it is a good idea to “stand” in such situations.  You should also remember that while doubling Black Jack, you have the opportunity to use only one extra card. So before committing to bets like these, consider the fact that you cannot hit many cards.  Whether you double down, hit or stand, it is more than important to study your dealer’s cards beforehand.

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