What Every Property Owner Needs To Know About Fire Sprinklers

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What Every Property Owner Needs To Know About Fire Sprinklers

Whether they are constructing a new building or updating an older one, it’s critical that property owners understand the importance of fire safety equipment. Because there are numerous different kinds of gear that aim to detect and prevent fires, choosing the right devices is not always straightforward. Consider a few key questions that may help you decide whether installation of fire sprinklers San Diego CA is the best course of action for your building’s fire protection system.

What Are the Benefits of Fire Sprinklers?

Fire sprinklers have some obvious advantages. For one, they are able to address a growing fire much more quickly than your local fire department can. Whereas firemen may take several minutes to arrive at your property, fire sprinklers can start tackling the problem almost immediately. Another big perk of fire sprinklers is that they cause minimal water damage in comparison to fire hoses. This is because sprinklers spray water less forcefully and only release water in affected areas.

How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

Fire sprinklers are activated when they detect high temperatures. This is possible due to the fact that they contain a liquid that expands as it heats up. Because the liquid requires more space when hot, it breaks the small glass bulb surrounding it, causing a valve to open. Water then begins to spray out at a pressure determined by a network of pipes that stand ready in case of emergency.

Who Needs Fire Sprinklers?

Fire codes vary from city to city, but larger buildings are generally required to have fire sprinklers. Some states even mandate that newly built houses have sprinklers. Additionally, it may be neccesary to add this equipment to buildings that are being renovated.

While fire prevention systems can add to the overall cost of constructing a building, they have the potential to prevent loss of life and property when fires occur. Be sure to understand the regulations in your area before building or updating your home or place of business.


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