What Do You Eat Mashed Potatoes With?

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What Do You Eat Mashed Potatoes With?

If you love potatoes, then you know there are different ways you can make potatoes. Most people prefer baked potatoes like scalloped potatoes and many more because it’s easy to find a dish to eat it with. However, mashed potatoes are also a great option as a side dish. It is popular too because of its smooth, velvety nature. However, most people wonder what they can serve with these creamy mashed potatoes. There are a couple of things you can serve with creamy mashed potatoes, and if you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right spot. Keep reading this brief article to find out what you can eat with mashed potatoes.


An excellent option that you should explore in Turkey. Instead of scalloped potatoes on your dinner table on Thanksgiving, you can explore the possibility of Turkey and mashed potatoes. It is a classic cuisine you will come to love every thanksgiving dinner. Mashed potatoes are tender and quite creamy to taste. Therefore, it is the perfect choice to eat with salty turkey.

Corned Beef

Another great choice of what you can eat with mashed potatoes is corned beef. Corned beef comes with rich flavors. It is juicy and a salty protein. That’s why choosing to combine it with mashed potatoes is a great idea. This delicious side will absorb all the corned beef flavors effectively. Mashed potatoes are simple and exceptionally clean, which is why they would pair perfectly with your corned beef. Mashed potatoes would go very well with any food with lots of flavors; it blends perfectly due to its soft, warm, and starch nature.

Fried Chicken

Although eating scalloped potatoes with meat is a great choice, mashed potatoes are another option that goes well. Pairing mashed potatoes and fried chicken is always a great idea. Fried chicken is another flavorful dish, and it is pretty crispy on the outside. This texture is in direct contrast with the tender insides of a chicken. The best side for such a delicious main dish is the creamy mashed potatoes. These two options are great together because you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy them. They compliment each other nicely, and the chicken’s flavors enhance that of the mashed potatoes.


A great dish that’s popular in the summertime is barbecue. It doesn’t matter whether you pick chicken or port; barbecue is smoky, savory, and sweet. These three flavors combined are why barbecues are pretty delicious. Due to its rich nature, you’ll need a starchy side to create a balance. That’s where mashed potatoes enter the picture. It is smooth and tender and will make the ideal contrast for the barbecue’s intense flavors.

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