What Do Neurosurgeons Do?

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What Do Neurosurgeons Do?

The Hand Surgeon in London are specialists who are responsible for providing diagnosis and treatment of diseases that can often be complex as Parkinson ‘s disease, Alzheimer ‘s disease, Lou Gehrig ‘s disease, epilepsy, disorders headache or infection of the brain.

That is, they treat conditions that attack the central nervous system, composed of a network of nerves and cells that go from the brain and spinal cord to different points of the body that can be the extremities, legs, hands, arms, and feet. They can also be sensory organs.

In other words, the diseases that a specialist in this branch can take care of are not just brain conditions. On the contrary, they know to be able to deal with different pathologies, disorders, and diseases that include spinal injuries, head injuries, or chronic pain. Even nerve injuries and strokes.

These doctors are true specialists in performing surgeries. However, this does not mean that their treatment always has to be of this type. Depending on the case and the condition, they can opt for non-surgical procedures.

An excellent neurosurgeon will have a well-equipped office with advanced machinery and cutting-edge technology to give proper attention. This will help you to make an accurate and supported diagnosis with evidence of exams and tests. The objective of these doctors is to provide adequate and correct treatment to improve the patient’s quality of life.

A proper consultation is where the patient is involved, and his medical history is carefully observed, his symptoms are analyzed, examinations and tests are necessary to reach the origin of the problem and thus be able to give a personalized treatment according to the specific condition.

Carotid Artery Disease

This condition damages the main blood vessels whose function is to provide blood to the head and neck. In this case, what must be done is to remove altogether what is obstructing the carotid arteries that do not allow blood flow to pass usually. This must be done to prevent a stroke from happening.

Spinal Disorders

If you have problems in the spine, if you feel mild or severe pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, or hands; Even if they get any numbness or tingling and weakness, this means that they are presenting some alteration in the normal function of their spine. It would be best if you went to the neurosurgeon as soon as possible to have the corresponding studies so that they can indicate the origin of your condition.

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