What Are the Benefits of Constructing a Pole House?

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What Are the Benefits of Constructing a Pole House?

These days, many people build farmhouses and pole houses in their backyard or spare properties. These buildings provide good shelter for garages, workshops, warehouses, or an office.

Meanwhile, Spokane is a cultural and economic hub of Washington. The architecture of this city is quite rich and distinct, representing a gradual change throughout the years. But, you can still find architectural remains of the 1890s to 1900s in the city, along with the recent architectural buildings. However, the current architecture of the city is dominated by concrete modernized houses, but many people have pole-building barns in Spokane, WA, for additional storage or work purposes.

Barndominiums are houses that use 8 feet tall wood columns to hold the structure; hence, these are commonly called pole buildings or pole houses. So if you are planning to construct a separate space other than your house for any purpose, then you can think about a pole house. And the following points list all the benefits of building a pole house:


Many think these houses are not durable and sturdy because they stand on wood poles. However, these thick poles are what make them reliable structures. It makes the whole house sturdy even under challenging situations like high wind or heavy storms. Hence, many people use them to shelter their farm animals, as a shelter for their vehicles or harvested crops.


Constructing a pole house doesn’t cost much money because it doesn’t require a basement or foundation. The frames and poles are planted up to four feet in the ground to keep the structure still and strong. Meanwhile, using concrete in the foundation makes it strong, but the construction process will become costly, which is not needed in the case of pole buildings. Hence, it is a perfect structure for the extra space you need other than your house.

Suitable for Any Environment

Many people believe that these structures don’t suit all environments and hesitate to build them on their property. However, the truth is that these buildings can be constructed anywhere, and the poles leave the house standing strong and balanced in any environment.

Commercial Use

You can also create a large space using this technique so that you can use it for commercial purposes. Many people construct it for a public or office parking space or to host casual gatherings once in a while. Many shopkeepers also build a pole house to store their shop’s inventory, as it will keep the products safe from rainfall, snowfall, or storms.

Saves You Time During Construction

Another significant benefit of building a pole house is that it doesn’t take too long. So, suppose you are a farmer and your crops are ready to be harvested, but you don’t have storage space for them. In that case, you don’t have to rent space because you can construct a pole house, which can be done in no time, making it the best option for farmers.


You can even choose the color themes and design of the whole building as per your taste or develop a customized design that will match your brand or company’s aesthetic. It will not only be good as a shelter but will also help in visual marketing.

These points list the major benefits of constructing pole-building barns in Spokane, WA. So, you will only have to set a budget to approach a construction service in Spokane and get your pole building constructed on your property.

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