What are Common Pest Entry Points, and How Can You Close Them Off? 

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What are Common Pest Entry Points, and How Can You Close Them Off? 

Pest attacks are never desirable by any household or business. But they somehow enter the house and destroy its appearance. There is a common question among people: how do the pests enter their house and what are the loopholes that let them in their house? 

If you are also having a similar doubt, then this article will help you know some common pest entry points and how you can close them off to safeguard your house. Apart from knowing the entry points, you must also consult pest control companies such as Backyard Comfort & Pest Control, which can help you with regular pest control to safeguard your house. 

What are Common Pest Entry Points? 

  • Under Doorways: It is one of the common ways to enter your house. There are many houses in which the front door does not seal tightly with the threshold, and therefore, there is a tiny gap that allows pests to enter your house. There is sometimes wear and tear on the doors that allow the pests to enter your house. So, it would help if you stopped the spreading and entering of pests with weatherstripping around the door so that it fits the frame tightly. You can also replace the door; it is worn completely, and it is not good for your safety. 
  • Below the Foundation Cracks: If there are cracks in your house, it leaves space for pests to enter and start their journey in the house. Naturally, they will take advantage of these cracks to enter your house and spread its penetration. There are insects such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and termites that can enter the house through these cracks. They are attracted through moisture, warmth and food and ultimately damage your property and contaminate your food. So, you should not leave any room for such ventilation for pests and keep your space clean. 
  • Roof Vents: Roof vents near the roof line are important spaces in your house, and if they are left unprotected, they can attract pests. There is particular penetration of roof rats that can harm you, and therefore, you must keep them safe by ensuring that the mesh barrier is in good shape and there is no room for rats to enter. 

So, these are certain important entry points of pests that you must control and avoid to safeguard your house completely. If there is a pest attack, you must consult a pest control agency for preventive and curative measures. 

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