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The world is currently faced with multiple crises arising from various issues. At the same time, we are still grappling with the pandemic problem that exacerbated the global logistic challenges and brought about a lot of trauma for a lot of people. All these have been there for at least the past 2 and going to 3 years; while the logistic challenges created a domino effect it looked like all was getting better at the beginning of the year. A lot of things seemed to have been settled; not only did items take a bad turn they took a horrible turn. Covid -19 cases in China start to rise which led to a lockdown being announced in various parts of China that affected covid. These were china sticking to their zero covid policy but nothing can be as scary as it can lead to the overthrow of some governments of some countries. The world is on the brink of a recession; nothing can be more devastating for poor families across the globe. To make it worse, it is not just a recession but also inflation as the goods across the world o expensive. This is reduced by making use of pots of plants by Hc.

Hc is a conglomerate of all container needs of plants we at Hc believe that we can help the world at this time more than ever. What more do we need than a pot that can help us plant anywhere, especially for some of us who may not have lands to plant on. We can grow our tomatoes for instance in the house using our planting pot; this would help in a very big way as it allows us to grow plants and not spend so much by so doing we are killing two birds with one stone. Let’s join hands together and make this happen; if you are a plant grower, reach out and get your planting pots.

Planting pots are easy to get on our website through our distributors you would get yours just the exact way you want it. One of the best ways to end the food price crisis is to be food sufficient. That can only happen when we start to plant and grow crops by ourselves; with planting pots it’s a lot easy to do as it is the most convenient and less expensive which everyone can do.

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