Usable Techniques When Driving Uphill in a Manual Vehicle

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Usable Techniques When Driving Uphill in a Manual Vehicle

Almost all of us would rather drive our own car. However, aside from the fact that a car comes with a price, driving is just in the same state. Before you get your own car, be sure that you don’t only have the license to drive, you are also skilled in dealing with sticky situations on the road.

One of the hardest to deal with is when you are driving a manual car in an uphill and in a bumper to bumper situation at that. Your problem here then is how not to roll back dangerously that you might bump into the car at your back.

You can use these tips below when faced with the same situation mentioned above:

  • If you are cautious that you might not be able to control your car from rolling back when the need to stop arise on a steep hill, you can try to slow down or allow a considerable gap between you and the car ahead of you. This way, there will be no need for you to stop.
  • But even if you have done the first step and you still end up stopping because of really dragging traffic, you can do two options: first is to step both the clutch and the accelerator halfway or use the emergency brake.
  • When doing the step one and you are still not sure if you can change to lower gear while moving uphill, just be sure to use the second gear or the first gear.

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