Types of jackets that suit the best for men

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Types of jackets that suit the best for men

Jackets are a type of apparel which not only give a man protection from cold and winds owing to their sturdy built but are also have a style statement of their own. This is the reason why so many men around the world spend large amounts in procuring a nice jacket for themselves instead of going for long overcoats or suits which might provide even better protection from environment.

The top reason for men going gaga over jackets is the attitude factor. Since ages, jackets for men have succeeded in creating an unmistakable aura of their own. From the time when men would kill a beast to get fine leather for their jacket to now much has changed. But the perceptions and stereotypes have remained providing a very much noticeable aura of sturdiness and manhood to the wearer of jackets.

Moreover, leather jackets for men provide protection from all environmental factors and hence stand true to people’s perception of them. Also, they have longevity which means the investment in them provides good returns. They last very long without losing their inherent qualities which are responsible for providing protection. Also, they do not lose much sheen as they age rather their sturdiness increases as one keeps on using them over protracted time periods. It must be remembered that leather jackets worn by Roman soldiers still do exist in museums in much intact forms. Thus, leather jackets for men more often than not outlive the wearer effectively bringing their per usage cost very low. Any tear or harm to jackets is localised and does not spread on to the whole cloth as is the case with other apparels. These factor are missing in overcoats and blazers thus attracting men even more to this wonderful piece of clothing.

There are many different styles of jackets for men and each will suit different tastes and requirements. None is perfect for all and varies on individual choices.

  • Bomber “Flight” Jacket

The original bomber jackets for men were designed for plane crew members, thus getting their name. The original design of the jacket has not changed much over time. These are simple, no-frills jackets designed to give the wearer protection and warmth. Their length extends till the waist and has a soft inner lining. They have a turndown collar and the inner lining extends till them thus making a swatch of it visible one either side of the chin.

They zip up straight on the front and have roomy flaps or side pockets.

  • “Double Rider” Motorcycle Jacket

These were popularized by Marlon Brando in the movie “The Wild Ones”. They have remained a cultural icon ever since, with their popularity further increased by the Harley riding creed.

It gets its distinctive look from its large, spreading lapels and a flared collar, all with snaps to fasten them down in wind. The front zipper characteristically runs at an angle, opening wide to form one lapel and permitting the other to fold out from beneath it.

  • Moto “Racer” Jackets

Motos are cozy, sleek jackets with a small snap collar, or maybe even no collar at all. They run short of the warm lining and elasticized openings of a bomber. Also, they are deficient of the flaps and snaps of a double rider.

In a natural leather color or plain black, these are the dressiest option for a leather jacket for men. Since they are often associated with racing, moto jackets often come in bright colors, sometimes with stripes or other ornate panels stitched together.

  • Other Styles

These are the most popular types of jackets for men available in the market but certainly the list is not exhaustive. There are many more types available which have derived from them but are in ways different from them. These include the fatigue type, cattleman and duster. There are various types available and one must choose on the basis of requirements and given due consideration to what style suits one the most.

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