Top Tips for Construction Site Safety

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Top Tips for Construction Site Safety


A construction site is full of hazards. Keep your employees as safe as possible when you have in-depth training to cover safety as well as personal protective equipment available for each person. These tips can help you create an atmosphere focused on safety to decrease the number of injuries on your building site.

Prevent Falls

One of the most common ways a person can be injured in a construction area is by falling. Whether they fall off a ladder, scaffolding or an unfinished floor, this type of injury can lead to devastating consequences. Inspect the job site carefully and make sure fall protection systems are in place. If the construction is happening at night, ensure the construction light towers Washington are bright enough for employees to see any hazards.

Protect Heads

Hard hats are required on any job site to prevent injuries due to falling objects, flying debris or electrical shocks. If a hard hat is dented or cracked, it needs to be replaced immediately. The hat should fit snugly around the employee’s head to ensure it stays in place while working.

Cover Eyes and Face

If the work environment includes flying debris, chemicals, light radiation or acids, it’s important to provide eye and face protection that matches the danger. Eye and face protection must fit securely around a person’s face and still allow enough visibility to complete the job.

Secure Ladders

Ladders need to be inspected each day before use, placed at a stable angle and be tied to a secure point at the top and bottom. The weight limit needs to be observed and followed. Don’t forget to add the weight of the tools and materials in addition to the worker’s weight.

Having safety training in place and reviewing it often with your employees can prevent dangerous accidents from occurring.


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