Top 3 Basic Types of Wheelchair Ramps You Should Know

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Top 3 Basic Types of Wheelchair Ramps You Should Know

When buying a wheel chair ramp, there are various factors you need to consider like the weight limit, size, and mobility. But, to get the most service out of a ramp, start by picking the right type of ramp for the right job.

Different types of wheelchair ramps are usually built to suit various needs. Identifying the right one is critical. Here are the three basic types of ramps with a short brief on their applications.

  1. Threshold Ramps

These types of ramps are typically made from wood, stiff rubber or aluminum. Their primary application is to smooth out the threshold at the door and make the transition smoother and minimize tripping hazards.

They range in sizes from as small as ¾ of an inch to 3 ½ inches. Threshold ramps are usually designed to work in tight spaces. Threshold ramps are typically used around houses and have different applications. Depending on the placement of the ramp, the design can differ to cater to the situation. For instance, ramps meant for bathroom doors allow water to pass through and feature rust-proof and non-slip materials.

  1. Portable Ramps

Portable ramps come in two main varieties; portable or rigid. Portable rigid ramps are convenient when getting over curbs or short steps. They are typically made from single, solid panels that can work for heights between 4-6 inches above the surface.

If you require wheelchair ramps that you can take with you when transporting the wheelchair, the portable folding ramps are ideal. Also known as suitcase ramps, folding ramps are easy to transport and come in handy in case you come across barriers when traveling. However, this type of ramp flexes to some degree under a load and is not suitable for long-term and constant use.

It is also advisable to have a caregiver walk along the side of the wheelchair when using the portable folding ramp.

  1. Modular Ramps

For users looking for long-term and convenient solutions to accessibility, modular ramps are the best. The offer safe access to doors up to one foot off the ground. They are usually made of aluminum and come in different shapes and designs.

The most stand out features of modular ramps include sturdiness. They have graspable handrails for easy use and safety. For access to taller doors, the ramp can be configured into different gently sloping platforms. Modular ramps made out of aluminum can be relocated or disassembled and reconfigured to meet the needs of the user. However, it is best to seek the input of a professional for safety and integrity of the structure before disassembling.

Choosing the right wheelchair ramp that matches the needs of a user is an absolute necessity. While all other features are important, it is vital to get the right type for the right application. It will enhance the safety and confidence of the user and save you from unexpected incidences and risks. Contact ADA Solutions for professional advice.

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