Tips for choosing a conveyor system for your distribution center

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Tips for choosing a conveyor system for your distribution center

A distribution center is always a buzz of activities and quite expansive. It presents a dilemma to managers and planners looking for a conveyor system for the distribution center. The complexity of the distribution center conveyor system is dependent on the kind of goods being handled and the number of operations that need to deliver the product to the said location.

Unfortunately, most companies purchase the distribution center conveyor system on the basis of the cost and with little insight on the overall value of purchasing the equipment or the future in mind. Below are a few areas to remember when looking for a conveyor system for your distribution center.

It show enable accumulation buffering

If one step of the production has halted due to equipment breakdown, it should be possible for the company to go on with preceding production steps and back up the goods until the problem is resolved. This ensures that the whole production line is not stopped due to one stage. Your conveyor should lower delivery rates and balance the workflow and enable production even with downstream downtime.


Modular conveyor systems come in pre-engineered sections. This means that you can remove a particular section and combine it other modules and still work efficiently. Modular equipment is also easy to repair as the technician can single out the area that requires attention without having to open up the entire system. 


Your organization is bound to grow over time. When this happens, you will require added capability in your distribution center. You do not have to replace the entire conveyor system with a larger one. The system should have the ability to be extended or reconfigured to adapt to additional needs or change on sizes of the goods.


Given the initial cost as of purchase and the value of the conveyor system in the distribution center, you cannot go trying out the untested technology. Go for brands and equipment that have passed the test of time. Seek conveyors that work with known principles and those that can be repaired by a vast number of technicians. There is always a danger when only a limited number of people know about your system.


Check at the built-in security features before making your purchase. Look for conveyor systems that can allow for extra guarding if the security features are not enough. This is vital for your workers’ safety and security.

The distribution center conveyor system affects the productivity of the workers, easy of packing and picking and affects your bottom line. Pick a system that is robust but yet easy to operate and scale.


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