Sun Care Products are Meant to Safe Your Skin from Harmful Sun Rays

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Sun Care Products are Meant to Safe Your Skin from Harmful Sun Rays

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It is impossible to keep yourself away from sunlight. While performing outdoor activities, you are exposed to two dangerous forms of ray, named as UVB and UVA. These are harmful enough to cause skin cancer, pigmentation and other serious problems. In order to protect the skin from these rays, sunscreen products are manufactured. Each product must indicate the SPE number to show the level of protection from unsafe radiations. You can find sun care branded products at Sephora UAE with Sephora discount code so you can order a lot of items within your range.

Broad Spectrum Level (SPE)

It is a scientific degree that describes how much the chances of skin damage are reduced through sun care products. The calculation depends on the use of sunscreen 2 mg for every patch on the skin. SPE number is mentioned to all sun care creams and lotions. The indication of this value confirms that the product has passed a test based on broad-spectrum. To prevent your skin from risky sun rays, it is necessary to use sunscreen having at least 15 SPE; however, you must carry on other precautions like the sunglasses and try to avoid midday exposure.

  • Low Level Protection from Sunrays: Below 15 SPE
  • Medium Level Protection: 15 to 29 SPE
  • High Level Protection from sunlight: 30 to 49 SPE
  • Highest Protection against sunrays: over 50 SPE

If the SPE level is 15, it means the sunrays require 15 times more duration to burn the skin. In other words, if unprotected skin can start getting red in 10 minutes, then the use of sun care cream having 30 SPE can protect the skin for five hours or 300 minutes. The outcome of a product varies due to some other factors, such as

  • Individual and environmental factors
  • Quantity of cream used
  • How it is applied
  • Type of skin
  • Time
  • Weather

The blocking factor against sunrays becomes weak after two hours, therefore it is recommended to reapply the sun care product. Use sephora discount code to receive the best product at markdown price.

UV Rays Percentage Clogged by SPE

SPE 50: It offers 98% or nearly complete protection against UV rays.

SPE 30: It can protect the skin from 97% harmful rays.

SPE 15: It has the capacity to block almost 93% ultraviolet rays.

Even the highest SPE percentage cannot restrict all the harmful ultraviolet rays. In other words, the high or low SPE can make a negligible difference.

Broad Spectrum

It is the function of a sunscreen to guard the sensitive skin from detrimental UVA and UVB rays. The skin gets red due to UVB sun rays; however UVA causes no redness. In fact, it leads the skin towards photo aging that is responsible for wrinkles. Both rays are blamable for skin cancer. Some products just give guaranteed protection against UVB rays and do not mention the UVA defense. For that reason, you must check the sun care SPF full spectrum, cream or lotion so your skin remains safe from UVB and UVA sun rays. Do not overlook the Sephora discount code because it will give you a sigh of relief even after doing a lot of online shopping.

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