Stud earrings vs Cluster earrings: are they the same?

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Stud earrings vs Cluster earrings: are they the same?

Studs and cluster are two of the varieties of trendy earrings which can be found in the jewellery stores. Although these two might appear to be same at first, the design and pattern used in them is slightly different which you might not have been aware of all this while. If you are still confused between the designs among the two, then after reading this write-up you would get all your queries sorted out. Take a look at these descriptions to learn about these two amazing designs in the earrings which are every woman’s go-to accessory while making hasty decisions.

As the name suggests, the cluster earrings are designed in a manner that they give an appearance of a cluster of gems or any material that is used in making them. These are more elaborative in design and somewhat quite expensive as well. In terms of weight, they are slightly heavier than the studs and bigger in size as well. Cluster earrings are more favoured by women of middle age as they suit their personality well, although the younger generations too are reclining towards the contemporary designs in the same these days. These look great on all face shapes and you can wear them with almost all types of outfits preferably the party ones. Not only this, these are also becoming popular among the bride-to-be’s especially for the occasion of the engagement ceremony as they look great on off-shoulder gowns. If you already have this piece of jewellery with you but do not know to carry it off well, then here is the ultimate tip: Choose an elaborate neckpiece along with the piercings to create the perfect and you are ready to garner admirers.

Studs are the minimalistic version of the cluster earrings and are rather available in just one stone piece that is used in making them. Unlike the cluster earrings they are lightweight and are perfect for everyday wear. These are more simplistic in design and are often smaller in size than their cluster counterparts. You can find them in materials such as gemstones, pearls, and even diamonds both in the real as well as artificial category. When it comes to the more casual designs in studs, these can are available in floral, geometrical, asymmetrical, and other shapes as well. These are suited for all face shapes except in the case of a round face where one needs to be careful of the size of the stud that you are wearing. Studs are perfect to wear on a casual day and look amazingly stylish with denim and leather jackets as well. All you need to know is how to make a style statement with these and you will surely get appreciated for your choice in earrings.

Hope you would now not confuse cluster earrings with the stud earrings and would be able to distinguish between the two clearly the next time you go for purchasing them. You can buy them if you are a fan of minimalist designs and looking for experimenting with the looks. However, it is best to choose a pair of trendy earrings that would suit your face type so that they do not look baudy or inappropriate.

At last, you should definitely have at least one of these designs in your jewellery box even if you haven’t been a great fan of these till now as these are surely enough to make a statement even with a simple outfit. Just try donning them once if you already haven’t and thank us later. Go and grab them now!

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