Steps to Becoming a Good Godparent

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Steps to Becoming a Good Godparent

Being asked to be a child’s godparent is a wonderful honor, but it can also be a bit daunting. What are you supposed to do? Obviously, the responsibilities are different from that of a parent, but most modern godparents don’t really know what to do. Are you required to provide religious or spiritual guidance? Or do you just need to send a godson or goddaughter birthday card with an expensive gift? If you are nervous about it, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Don’t be a stranger

Staying out of their life for the most part and only sending a gift on occasion is not what being a godparent is all about. You need to be there for them through the ups and downs they go through. Just be an ear when they want to talk and give them advice just as their friends would. Don’t try to impose your views or opinions on them.

  • Be an example

Rather than forcing them to do what you want, it is better to show them. Become an example for them and show them how to do things right, even when you have to struggle for it. They need to learn to not give up on themselves and continue moving forward, regardless of the hurdles you have to face.

  • Little things can make a difference

Giving material gifts is not the only responsibility of a godparent, even though they are known for their generosity. You don’t have to necessarily buy them expensive presents just to show you care. You can give whatever gifts you have to give; phone calls, a walk, hugs, dinner, or even a baseball game. Little things can make a big difference because they will know that they have someone to count on when needed and are not alone.

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