Signs That You Need AC Filter Replacements Immediately

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Signs That You Need AC Filter Replacements Immediately

The ac filter performs a vital role in your home’s central air conditioning system. The dirty ac filter reduces the efficiency of airflow, which means you are paying for more cooling or heating power than is necessary. It also creates strain on the compressor, potentially damaging it over time.

All these issues are signs that you need new ac filter replacements immediately. Here are the signs that you need ac filter replacements immediately by a professional 24 hour ac repair service.

AC Filter Is Dirty

The ac filter blocks foreign particles from entering your ac system and traps fine particles of dirt and soot. It is an essential part of the ac system because, without it, you would have significant problems with dirt buildup in other parts of your central air conditioning unit.

Without an ac filter, all that dirt and soot will continue to circulate throughout your heating and cooling system. That is why it’s recommended you change ac filters monthly or every other month at the very least.

If your ac filter is dirty, that means it has been trapping dirt and dust for quite some time now. It needs to be replaced immediately to ensure that contaminants don’t circulate throughout your HVAC system.

AC System Doesn’t Turn On

It’s easy to see that you need new ac filter replacements when your air conditioning system doesn’t turn on at all. However, if the unit is making noise but no cool breezes are blowing through, you might have a dirty ac filter. It also means that your system will need to put in more work than necessary, resulting in wasting a lot of energy and money.

The dirty ac filter not only reduces airflow throughout your entire home but can also damage the compressor over time. If it doesn’t turn on and you hear rattling or banging sounds from inside the unit, call out a professional for ac filter replacements immediately.

Air Is Not Cold Enough

If your air conditioner produces cold air, but the temperature isn’t what you like it to be, then there is a chance that an ac filter is dirty and needs replacement. That said, if this has been happening over time, it probably means that the air filters need to be regularly maintained, and you should schedule ac filter replacements for every month to avoid these issues in the future.

If your air conditioner is faulty and could not produce cool air, call out a professional of 24-hour ac repair immediately. You can also purchase an ac tool that detects when an ac filter needs replacement; it will notify you with a smartphone app.

Clean Air Isn’t Blowing Out

Another surefire way to know that there is a dirty ac filter in your system is when you start to breathe in a lot of dust and pollen. If clean air isn’t blowing out of your vents, it’s easy for you to determine that your old filters need replacement.

You may also notice visible dirt or soot particles from the air conditioning system. It could be due to a damaged ac filter, or it could mean that your system is struggling and needs proper repairs.

Maintain the ac filters by changing them regularly, and you should avoid this issue in the future. If you feel like you can’t manage this by yourself, consider hiring a 24-hour ac repair service that can do it for you.

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