Signs that it may be time to take your elderly to an assisted living facility

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Signs that it may be time to take your elderly to an assisted living facility

The decision to have your elderly go to a residential care home is both a practical decision and an emotional one. You may want the parent to stay at home but may be worried about his or her safety. Here are signs that you should consider taking him or her to an assisted care facility.

There is trash around home

You may notice that dishes are piling up at the kitchen sink, piles of dirty clothes at the closet, the cat litter box stays long without being emptied and there are lots of spoilt food around. It means they are not able to take care of the home.

Body order and dirt

Signs of neglected personal care may include unkempt hair, dirty nails, smelling of sweat and, wearing the same clothes for a long time. Personal care is vital for overall health. Sally’s Residential Care Home Camarillo can assist the aged stay clean at all times.

Changes in behavior and personality

You may find that a parent that was once very talkative has started withdrawing from family and friends. He or she may start giving up on hobbies and interests that he or she once cherished. They may also rarely leave home. You may also notice signs of depression and loneliness.

Increased safety risks

You may notice that the elderly are having a hard time moving around the home. He or she mat talk of the recent falls or even have bruises. He or she may be forgetting to turn off the stove after cooking or failing to manage his or her medications. Such struggles may increase a risk of accidents at home.

Changing eating habits

Good nutrition is key to good health. However, you may notice that the aged keeps skipping meals or fail to cook food properly. They may also have a hard time going for groceries. You may also notice spoiled food or expired food in the kitchen Another common sign is that their bodies are getting frail or rapidly increasing weight.

Rapid cognitive decline

You may notice the rapid decline of their cognitive abilities. They may be forgetting even the simple duties and places around the home, it may be hard to get them to understand things in a conversation, it may be hard to follow directions or even pay attention.

Financial problems

You may find that bills are piling up. Some bills may have been paid twice. There may also be subscriptions to services that they do not need. You may also find thank you notes from charitable organizations they know nothing about. Consider taking them to an assisted living home like Sally’s Residential Care Home Camarillo to avoid draining their finances.

Do not wait until your elder is tool frail, bankrupt or have had an accident for you to take them to an assisted care home. Look out for the above signs and make a decision.

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