Rhetorical Analysis and Research Paper Construction

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Rhetorical Analysis and Research Paper Construction

Realizing principles and performing rhetorical analysis itself allows you to explore the topic under study deeply, organize your thoughts, and lay them out in your research paper.

Rhetorical Analysis Essence

Rhetorical analysis is a deep study of the work and its essence which helps to understand the effect it has on the reader, distinguish main claims and ideas if the author and their relevance.

Information Gathering

Collecting significant and credible information is the first step to rhetorical analysis. The writer should exploit multiple sources to obtain a full view of the topic and explore the field under study. Moreover, only credible scholarly sources are to be used to form genuine conclusions in the end.

Appeal Creation

Rhetorical devices are exploited to create the appeal of the article, which means attract the reader to certain issues and persuade the audience in their relevance.

  • Logos – the writer exploits logical devices, covering evidence, facts, and personal experience to create strong arguments and support main ideas.
  • Ethos – using the device author proves the credibility of the used sources and the work itself by showing deep knowledge in and around the field.
  • Pathos – it means exploiting emotional elements to create certain effect on the audience and catch the reader’s attention.

Research Paper Construction

To exploit all the gathered information and reach a certain aim, author should follow the research paper structure which covers the following elements: introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, conclusion. According to this structure, the writer starts with brief summary and importance of the research, provides the main idea and explanation to it, and finishes with a summary of findings in the field under study.


Rhetorical analysis will help you make your work consistent, academically relevant, and appealing to the reader. Study common recommendations on the analysis and construction, build up your own strategy, and put efforts to create a high-quality writing piece.

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