Review of SNS Phenibut XT – Check important details here!

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Review of SNS Phenibut XT – Check important details here!

SNS Phenibut XT is a nootropic supplement. Before we talk about the brand in detail, it is important to know about Phenibut, which is a GABA derivative. Phenibut, which has its origins in Russia, is a drug that’s used for treating conditions related to stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is similar to GABA, which is the most important neurotransmitter in the brain, except for the fact that it has an extra phenyl ring in its molecule. This phenyl ring allows Phenibut to cross the blood-brain barrier, something that GABA cannot. Over stimulation of the neurons can cause anxiety, and SNS Phenibut XT is used for treating the same. It is also used for treating social communication phobias and other stress related disorders. This is going to be a quick review of SNS Phenibut XT.

The basics

SNS Phenibut XT is produced and sold by Serious Nutrition Solutions. The manufacturers have listed a number of benefits related to the drug, which includes relief from anxiety, better management of stress, improvement in social behavior, and sense of relaxation. SNS Phenibut XT 500 mg is also known to be beneficial for those who suffer from sleep related disorders, and it can also improve cognitive function. If you intend to buy Phenibut from this seller, you should know capsuled variant of this drug is not always pure. Also, the product takes around two to four hours to kick in, so you don’t get the exact benefits that you would with Phenibut powder or crystals.

Dosage and other details

Please note that Phenibut may have some serious side effects, especially if used in high doses or on a continual basis. Also, the dosage for Phenibut is dependent on many factors, including physiology and age of the user. Serious Nutrition Solutions has mentioned that one can take SNS Phenibut XT once or twice a day. You can take around 1 to 2 capsules. Ideally, you shouldn’t take Phenibut more than 2000 mg per day, which means that the capsules should be taken no more than four per day.

If you are already using drugs that can impact your CNS or are GABA agonists, please talk to your doctor first before considering any nootropics. Also, Phenibut shouldn’t be taken with other sedatives and alcohol, and it is best to have your dose at night, as the drug can cause drowsiness. Check online to buy bulk Phenibut powder.


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