Removing the Excess from The Photos with Movavi

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Removing the Excess from The Photos with Movavi

Movavi is an excellent graphics editor for working with digital photos. If the photos turned out to be unnecessary elements (unfamiliar people, shadows from flying UFOs or just a dump in the background), the photo editor will help to correct the photo as you need.

How To Delete An Object From A Photo In Movavi

To delete an object from a photo, you must install the program and enter it! Then in the center of the workspace you will see the inscription “Open file”. Quickly click on the inscription and select through the conductor of the offending photo. In the right menu, select the item “Delete objects”. We choose the right tool, such as a brush, a lasso (circle an unnecessary object), a magic wand (highlighting elements of the same color), an eraser and a stamp (to transfer a part of the photo to the “clip” place after removing the element). Once selected and adjusted with an eraser – click to erase. The remaining residual fragments can be closed with a stamp, i. E. insert a piece of photos there. Further we press “export” and we save in the necessary format! It took only a couple of minutes!

Elimination Of A Defect With A Photo

Elimination of defects from photographs occurs on the same principle. If the car is a scratch, and the photo does not need it, or wrinkles took up too much space on the face – you just have to retouch the photo! So, again open the desired photo and gently select the unnecessary part with a brush. After that, we’ll erase the remains of fragments and replace them with a suitable section of the photo using the “stamp” tool. Do not forget, to make the elimination of defects more accurate and unobtrusive – zoom the photo. That’s actually all – the car is like a new one, the skin is stretched even though on the drum, but about pimples and nothing to remember). You can make a visit to for more.

How To Remove The Date On The Photo Using Movavi

In the same way, we act if the smart digital camera marks the date! Open the file, select the numbers with a brush (very neatly) or with a magic wand (which is much easier!) And shake the erase! Also we correct the result with the help of a stamp, and if everything suits us press export and choose the format!

This is not all that allows you to do Movavi! Do not forget that the free version of the program is for your reference, for commercial use! I wish you successful shots. You will have to be perfect in this matter and know the processes properly. Only then you can succeed perfectly now.



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