NDIS And Mental Health

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NDIS And Mental Health

The NDIS is such an organization which is capable of helping thousands of people who struggle with mental illness in Australia. Let’s learn more about NDIS in this article. We are going to look what support is available from NDIS. We will also see who is eligible for occupational therapy NDIS support.

Learning more about NDIS

  • As of today, thousands of people with psychosocial disability are getting support from NDIS. At present, only trial sites get benefit from NDIS. Thousands more people are going to get benefitted as they roll out NDIS support across the country.
  • If you get NDIS support, then it can bring in significant positive impact on your life, studies show.
  • As far as NDIS eligibility is concerned, the condition you have must be permanent or lifelong. Or in other words, this condition should limit you from doing things without taking other people’s help.
  • Having a permanent mental illness affects lot of things. It affects how you communicate. It affects your ability to interact with people. Being included in the local community is an area where you struggle. Your ability to learn gets affected. Your ability to travel gets affected. You don’t know how to take care of yourself. And that is exactly why getting support from NDIS can be really helpful.
  • In order to find out who is eligible for NDIS support, you can have a look at the access checklist. You will also come to know who will be eligible for it when it finally gets rolled in the place you live.

How does it work?

Now let’s see how NDIS support works below:

  • As per NDIS, they support people for whom support is necessary and reasonable. They intend to help people with disabilities to attain their goals. They intend to help those suffer to feel included in the community. NDIS intends to help them in such a way that they are able to work and lead a routine life.
  • However, you need to realize the fact that you don’t get clinical services, which you can only expect from healthcare system.
  • NDIS is meant to help patients to be more independent. NDIS intends to help them so that they can find a job easily. Making them financially secure helps them to lead a better life. Thanks to the support from NDIS patients are able to make friends easily and they are able to function in a more independent manner.
  • You might be eligible for funding NDIS if you are eligible for their support. They will offer if you wish to learn a new technology. Career guidance is another area where you can expect immense assistance from them. They will be willing to provide transport to events in the community. In case if you need assistance to keep your house clean and tidy, you can ask for the same.

According to Kev’s Best, NDIS can be immensely helpful to the people who suffer from mental illnesses in Australia – we hope that more people get the benefit in the future!

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