LED Pilot Lights: Uses and Features

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LED Pilot Lights: Uses and Features

Pilot lights or LED indicators are available in various shapes and size ranges. These lights are usually made from plastic or metal, and they look similar to push button switches. These lights are also often referred to as power indicators.

Pilot lights or LED indicators are switches that emit light. And you don’t need to touch or set them up to function, which is to indicate something, just like an indicator.

LEDs are indeed the most efficient and economical option for industrial and domestic purposes. So, if you want to buy a YuCo YC-22R-3 in Texas, you don’t have to search a lot. You will see enough warehouse/industrial equipment stores nearby. Meanwhile, Texas is a state with several large industries such as oil and natural gas, IT, defense, agriculture, biomedical research, fuel processing, electric power, and manufacturing.

And in most of these industries, a pilot light or LED indicator is necessary. Meanwhile, the state’s GDP has reached $2 trillion, and these industries are expected to perform well post-pandemic. And, with a labor force of 13,126,900, there will be more firms coming up in the state to utilize the human resources and resources.

So, the application of LED indicators is prominent in the following industries in Texas:

  • Audio & Video
  • Industrial controls
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Boatbuilding

Why Do People Prefer LED Pilot Lights in Factories and Other Establishments?

Even though there are some other options, LED lights are still the number one choice in the industries mentioned above. But why do they choose these lights? The reasons are listed below:

Longer Lifespan

If you compare the lifespan of an average indicator bulb and an LED indicator, there is a significant difference. A normal indicator bulb lasts a few thousand hours, which may sound enough, but when you realize that LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours, which one will you choose? LEDs are preferred in every industry since the LED indicator lights last from 6 to 12 years, i.e., 40 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

LED lights outshine the fluorescent, sodium vapor lights, metal halide with more lifetime.

Energy Efficient

You can measure the source of light with lumens, and it will indicate the amount of lighting that the source emits for each unit of power/watt consumed. So, if you replace the bulbs in your house, school, or office with LEDs, you will see around 60 to 70% improvement in the overall energy efficiency. There are also some cases where people saw an improvement as good as 90%.


People are now demanding better quality and eco-friendly products from every brand. Whether it’s clothing or laptop purchase, they need to make sure that the earth doesn’t suffer anymore. Meanwhile, fluorescent and other standard bulbs contain mercury, a harmful element to the human body and environment. On the other hand, buying a YuCo YC-22R-3 in Texas will be a simple task, but you can ensure that they are eco-friendly.

Can Operate in Cold Conditions

Unlike other bulbs that malfunction in the winter season, LEDs work smoothly. These lights are widely used in industries such as frozen food (ice creams/packaged food), cold drinks, and other frozen products where the whole factory and storage space (like meat lockers) will have a temperature below 10°C to 0°C.

There are some more reasons for the popularity of LED pilot lights, including:

  • No UV or heat emission
  • Design flexibility
  • Can withstand instant lighting and frequent switching
  • Low voltage operation
  • Dimming capability
  • Directionality

These are the benefits of having the LED pilot lights, and there is no alternative yet, to replace these lights.

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