Where is Komodo Island and the Exact Location

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Where is Komodo Island and the Exact Location


There are not many people who know exactly where is Komodo Island in Indonesia. That is because this island is not that famous, especially for the exact location. Actually, there are a lot of people who have ever heard about the name if this island, but not all of those people known exactly where the location of this island is. Most of them will only hear about the name as one island to protect the endangered komodo, the giant lizard that is said to be the descendant of the real living dragon. If you consider yourself as one of those people who do not know the location of this island, then you might need to know these things so that you can learn the exact location of this island.

  • This island is located in Indonesia. Indonesia is one country that you can find on the southeastern part of Asia. This country is considered as one of the biggest countries that you can find on the southeastern Asia region. That is because Indonesia is has a very large water area as well as many lands, starting from the small one to the biggest one.
  • Komodo Island is only one small part of the islands that you can find on the East Nusa Tenggara, one province in Indonesia. If you are asking why this island is considered as the small part, the answer is because there are thousands of islands that you can find in Indonesia and not all of those islands are inhibited by the locals. Therefore, you should not be shocked to hear about the location of Komodo Island in Indonesia.
  • Komodo Island is located on the considerably remote area so that you will not be able to find the easy transportation to go to this island. Since Indonesia has a lot of islands, not all of those islands have the easy transportation access, especially the flight. This island is one of them. That is because even though the location of this island is near to Bali, as one of the most attractive tourism spots in Indonesia, traveling to this island is not an easy matter. You can only have two different options for the transportation. The first one is a flight with the small plane and continued using the boat or you can use the boat all of the time to go to Komodo Island. The choice is all yours to make.Are you in search of a perfect and calmness filled trip at Santorini? What perfection can someone ask for when they are in Catamaran Santorini? Catamaran at Santorini itself declares that it will be perfect.

If you think that the island is located on the very remote area, then you are wrong. It is true that the location of this island is a little bit out of the reach, but that does not mean that you will not find the transportation to Komodo Island that you need. That is because there are still some means of transportations that you can pick if you want to go to this island. As an addition to that, you can make sure that the basic facilities on this island are good enough so that you can simply enjoy your travel to this island.

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