Knowing About Teeth Whitening

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Knowing About Teeth Whitening

Your pearly whites are not always going to stay the same. There are many reasons for them to assume different hues such yellow, black, discolouration, brown etc, it may be due to poor dental hygiene, not visiting your dentist frequently, certain habits, medical conditions, medication, hereditary factors, age, trauma etc. this a boon to many who have early teeth discolouration can benefit from best whitening kit.

The outer layer of the tooth has pores and it also known as the enamel of the tooth. Any discolouration to this part of the tooth is known as extrinsic staining and there are also cases of intrinsic staining caused by certain medication or fluorides. Whitening of the teeth can be done at home or at the dentist. There are two kinds of whitening procedures that are followed such as the vital and non vital whitening.

If you get your whitening done at the dentist p, it will done faster and in more accuracy. There are various reasons deciding the time for your whitening process to complete

  • The severity of the stains
  • Whether you are getting it done in the dentistry.
  • The method used
  • The amount of whiteness your teeth should have.

Most of the whitening agents contain hydrogen peroxide

The kind of whitening agents used

  • Whitening gels
  • Laser lights are used to activate them
  • There is a bleaching process

The whiting gel can be placed in mould trays and the gel placed in them and get your teeth whitened at home. The success rate depends on how long you are supposed to keep and the gel used.

Precautions needs to follow while using whitening gels

  • Do not keep for longer than mentioned
  • They may cause gum irritation
  • Sensitivity of the teeth
  • Avoid usage during pregnancy

Teeth whitening is not permanent and your whitened teeth may go back to a not likeable colour if you resume smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine etc. to a large extent the whitening may not last more than month. If care is taken the effects will last for  six months to a year.

When you buy those kits contain

  • Trays are provided for putting gel into for whitening.
  • An instruction pamphlet with the amount of gel to be put into try for whitening the teeth.
  • It also provides directions to follow after whitening, to have regularised dental hygiene that has to be maintained to let the whitening last longer.
  • This can be done at home without anyone’s intrusion and takes a half hour daily before you go to bed.
  • This compact kit can be carried in your travelling case and you have whitened teeth on the go.
  • The best part of using it, there is no erosion of the tooth hence considerably safe for use.

You will have a new and improved smile without any fuss. And you could flash your million dollar smile by using best whitening kit.

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