Do You Know Anything About Steroid Allegation Against Brock Lesnar?

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Do You Know Anything About Steroid Allegation Against Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar is a legend, who was born with an impressive body that we can only imagine in our dream. Therefore, quite often people used to think that perhaps he too is using steroids to develop such a huge muscular body.

Let us list out few of his achievements in his field of sports.

  • So far, he has won 106 championship trophies and lost only 5 during 4 years in college.
  • He made a record as youngest wrester to get WWE title
  • In 2009, he won UFC title
  • Became WWE Universal Champion

Allegation of Steroid use

While Brock was engaged with WWE, doubt was raised against him about the use of steroids and police also tried to investigate all his purchases made through internet. Once his package was seized and chemical tests were conducted about the pills that he purchased online. However, the test revealed that those pills were not steroids.

Charge about steroid was taken back and people thought that his good body is a result of his hard training and taking nutritious diet. Twice he was tested for drug, but in all these tests he was tested negative.

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However, authorities were still suspicious and checked the dates of his two tests, which were 28th June and 9th July, just in the day when match was played. Though he was tested negative but some banned substance called clomiphene, that was linked to steroid was found in his blood sample.

Usually, most of the steroids are detected within couple of days of its consumption however clomiphene can only be detected 2 to 3 weeks after consumption. Thus, it was proved that Brock Lesnar’s steroid cycle was not complete when he was tested negative and clomiphene was used for masking the presence of steroids.

What is Clomiphene?

People who think that Brock should be given benefit of doubt must understand that clomiphene is generally used for treating infertility in women and sometimes in men too. However, Brock Lesnar and his wife had a child and hence there is no reason for him to take infertility treatment.

People generally take steroid in cycles and then stop its consumption. During that period, natural production of testosterone may reduce and the gain obtained from steroid may also diminish. During this period, the body may produce more estrogen and if you take clomiphene during this phase, it can help in raising testosterone level so that your gains obtained from steroids can be maintained.

Having stated all the above facts, you can easily conclude how Brock Lesnar tricked the sports authority.

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