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Jobs in Delhi for 12th Pass | Receptix

Everyone dreams of getting a job in their desired city and this is the truth that many people want to grab a job in Delhi.  But as a newbie, you need to have knowledge about the industry and about your job roles and responsibilities. There are some points you can do to enhance your resume and your skill sets too. If you have passed class12 and are looking to stand on your own feet, gain exposure to the corporate world, Delhi is the best destination for you.

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Here are the skills you need to master to create a chance of getting employed in the competitive world.

  1. Make an impressive resume and cover letter to match the job.

Always make sure that you don’t send out a generic resume to every kind of job opportunity that comes your way.

  1. Try to Utilize job boards

To grab your dream job, you shouldn’t blindly search on Google for random jobs. Be specific about your goals and then register on websites that help you get the information about the jobs and upload your resumes on them.

  1. Make Networks

Networks always help and especially when you’re seeking a job. Having relevant networks on job platforms may help you grab your dream opportunity. You can also reach out to recruiters and directly send your resume to them.

  1. Job fair and career events

Never forget to attend Job fairs as they might open up great opportunities in front of you. And then you might be able to meet some right people.

Find a guide on job search online.

  1. Career pages of Company

If there’s a particular company you’re interested in then you can simply go on to the website and open their career page and there you might be to find the job openings that might be able to interest you. And send your resume and then wait for the HR to respond, this may take a couple of days too, considering the HR gets a lot of applications regarding job posts.

  1. Job referral

Job referrals are one of the strongest ways in which you might be able to land your dream job. If there’s a person in your dream company then he/she can recommend you if there’s a job opening of your interest.

  1. Reference and recommendation letters may help you to grab a job opportunity

If you can manage a reference form your senior or recommendation then this can increase your chances of getting your dream job.

  1. Walk-in interviews

Walk-in interviews are a great way to grab job opportunities and especially of your dream company. There are many big companies that conduct walk-in interviews on a given date and time slots.

They are really great when it comes to the initial introduction and screening of candidates

  1. Shooting emails

Once you land upon the company’s career page there you would be able to find the required person’s email address and then you can shoot emails expressing your interest in the job post along with the work samples if any for the HR’s reference.

  1. Training platforms

There are various training platforms in India, which can help in providing the required knowledge and also help people to provide them sufficient knowledge about the openings.

  1. Approach directly

If you’re genuinely interested in the post then you can directly approach the company by visiting their office too. Do make sure to take time before visiting the company.

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