Influencer marketing

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Influencer marketing

With the ever-growing use of technology, brands are needing to find new ways to effectively target and reach their audience. Consumer behaviour is shifting away from TVs and computers, meaning they’re no longer the most effective way to boost awareness of your brand. Instead companies are using influencer marketing.

Rather than advertising directly to a large audience, Influencer marketing focuses on individuals that have a large influence over a specific target audience. These individuals also have the power to influence consumers’ perceptions about the product or service they are promoting.

As the public relations team at Adoni Media has stated, influencer marketing is a key tool enabling businesses to reach consumers on their phones and allowing brands to advertise directly to consumers. Brands must ensure when choosing an influencer that there is a high level of trust and the influencer has a loyal following.

Companies need to utilise social media platforms to get their brand out into the world instead of relying on a website for their company. This is why influencers use a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to promote products and services. These social media platforms drive a conversation and encourage engagement.

Influencers can range from bloggers, journalists, public figures or individuals that have a large and engaging social media following. Bloggers have been shown to have the most loyal and authentic followers and consumers are seen to consider their recommendations more trustworthy than traditional advertising.

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