In App Mobile Inbox Service

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In App Mobile Inbox Service


There are many companies that are offering inbox services for your messenger accounts to organize and manage your inbound texts. These inboxes facilitate the response to any text message at any time, as it also adds your contact list to it. The user can also start a conversation straight from this private inbox. Any inbound SMS that you receive on your mobile or computer if linked is automatically stored in this inbox. 

You can even organize and manage your inboxes by a dedicated number on your contact list, keyword or sub keyword search for example. The responses can not only reach mobile phone numbers but also email addresses as well. 

Maintain a Dashboard

The first step to storing your messages is creating an inbox. With the setting up of your inbox, you can add keywords, send and export your text messages and edit the settings to suit your requirements. Once you open this external inbox, there appears a dashboard in which you can organize your texts. 

All the inboxes that you create will appear on the dashboard is a snippet format. Once you select the inbox you wish to open, there will appear a list of messages for you to read on. The new message that automatically transfers to your inbox can also be clicked and viewed from the dashboard. 

Response via Inbox

The user can store his forwarded messages in the desired inbox or even export them as an Excel file. Response to any message can be done through this digital platform. Just type in the response and the inbox will guide you along how to send the message to the end recipient number or email. Replying from this external inbox will not involve the use of any extra credits. 

If you wish to view your messages offline in the inbox, they can be exported in an Excel or CSV document type format. Just select all the messages that you need to export and click on the Export feature. 

Searching the Inbox

If you are looking for a particular message in your inboxes, you can enter a value in the search box and press Go. Your entire contact list can be exported to your inbox, but if you want to add contacts to your inbox directly, that option is also available on the dashboard. 

You can export a particular group from your contact list or certain selective contacts whose messages you wish to store. This is a multi-purpose application which can aid you in doing a lot more than just saving your text messages. You can even configure your inbox to set up auto responses or forwarding options to a particular number or email address. 

For security or personal reasons, you may want to send an email to someone and may not want to retain it. The auto delete options can take care of that. gives you information about the latest applications on the digital front used for sending and organizing text messages on the go.


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