How to Install a Security Camera for a House?

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How to Install a Security Camera for a House?

After purchasing the security camera, it is the time for installation. Installing security cameras include some tips, and one has to follow it to simplify the process. Here in this article, we will discuss the same in detail.

Planning – Wiring Considerations:

The first thing is to make a plan for installing the security camera system installation miami fl. There are two types of cameras you have in the market such as wired security cameras and wireless security cameras. For wired security camera systems, you need proper wiring. Here the length of the cable may affect the security camera that you are going to install.

  • For a standard DVR security system, one has to go with coaxial cables. But after going the distance of above 300ft/90m, one will get a poor quality image.
  • For NVR systems, one has to prefer Ethernet cables. Some of them are cat5e, cat6, etc.

Where to place a Security Camera?

This is another important thing while installing security cameras. You need to choose a proper place based on your property. When you want to install security cameras indoors or outdoors, consider the security assessment. This means the different ways that one can access into your house through front or back doors. Check for any blind spots that the strangers can access. Some people need to install multiple cameras to capture every corner of the house.

The best thing is to install a security camera one at the front door and the other one at the backdoor. These are the major entry points to your house. The gate and garage are the major access points which you need to monitor it carefully. So, the major places where you need to install a camera include:

  • Off-street windows
  • Front and back doors
  • Driveways
  • Stairways
  • Large common areas like a living room, kitchen, etc
  • Porches

Security Camera Installation Pro Tips:

  1. Check the wiring connections in case of installing wired security cameras.
  2. Before you finalize the location for installing the security camera, you need to check the camera in connection with a recorder for proper working.
  3. To mount the security camera, ensure that you measure the distance properly before drilling holes.
  4. While installing the camera, check for the correct angle of the camera.

How to Install a Security Camera?

Consider the following steps to install a security camera in your house.

  1. The first step is to draw a diagram of your house to get some ideas for placing cameras.
  2. The next step is to buy the right security camera for your needs. At least you may require 1 to 3 cameras, wiring cables, a digital video recorder, and power cords. To store and view the footage records, one has to buy a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). One can also look for other similar options such as Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Analog Recorders (VCR), etc.
  3. Now, the crucial step is to test the surveillance set before installation.
  4. Choose the right, perfect, and broad-angle for the security camera. At least, it should be above 10 ft, so that strangers can’t notice it easily.
  5. Now, mount the camera to the wall in the right location and position it to the right angle.
  6. Connect it to the power source and start monitoring your house.


The above article explains the simple procedure to install a security camera in your house. Take time; plan to install a security camera in the right location.

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