How to Get Kids Interested in Golf

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How to Get Kids Interested in Golf

Golf is a great game to meet people, learn to persevere, and develop confidence. Getting kids interested in golf can be life changing for them. And, golf can be a great family game, so all of you can play together.

Keep reading for ideas on how to get your kids interested in the game of golf.

  • Golf Is Fun

Tens of thousands of people pay golf because it is a fun and exciting game. You want kids to experience that enjoyment early on. One way to do that is starting with miniature golf. The lively displays are engaging, welcoming kids to play. This beginning step teaches patience, eye/hand coordination, and development of their motor skills.

When kids are first learning, parents and guardians need to have realistic expectations. Do not expect your child to hold and swing the club perfectly. The younger the child is, the more latitude you need to give them. If you dwell on your child’s mistakes, the fun will quickly dissipate.

  • Have the Right Gear

You do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on your child’s gear; that would put tremendous pressure on them. Your child would feel as though they need to play all the time and excel at the game. Conversely, you do not want to start your child with hand-me-down clubs or used clubs that do not fit. Hand-me-downs and used clubs can be a perfect way to reduce expenses, but only if they are an appropriate size.

Beginner and children’s sets of clubs are the best path to choose. Clubs of the correct length and weight will provide many more opportunities for success for your child. Golf club covers will protect your child’s clubs. They also provide a great way for your child to personalize their clubs.

  • Keep a Balance

It is always a balancing act for parents on encouraging their child to participate in activities and pushing them to join. Golf is the same as other choices. One way to balance golf and friendships is to have your child attend camps or lessons with friends. This makes the camp sessions more fun, and it is a great way to develop a circle of other golfers.



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