How to design the perfect L-shaped modular kitchen?

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How to design the perfect L-shaped modular kitchen?

With time, house interior decoration has evolved from utilizing proper design and complex furnishings to making the maximum usage of the available space well. The kitchen is the heart of a house and modular setup is the one looked by many homeowners these days.

Take a glance at these powerful ideas of L-shaped modular for your kitchen and get inspired.


The kitchen should be thoughtfully planned to keep it clutter-free. It should be organized in a way that it contributes to the beauty and functioning of the whole space. The interior décor has revolutionized the whole design aspect when it comes to the kitchens. Even with limited space, you can get a contemporary design, offering ample space. The L-shaped modules are perfect for folks who love to entertain their guests. Moreover, adding triangular layout can get you extra space for multiple cooks as well.

Cabinets and wall units

As said earlier, the space should be used effectively. MDF or wood, cabinets, and wall units create enough space to store necessary goods and equipments. Moreover, wall units are there to help make the space available more coherently. Make use of boiling water resistant (BWR) plywood, as it ensures easy maintenance and high durability, given the facts that kitchens are prone to moisture related activities.

Electronic kitchen gadgets

The electronic gadgets, such as dishwasher, built-in over, hob, or chimney make the cooking more pleasant, easier, and comfortable. Built-in gadgets take small portion of the space, but when added it usually gives a fancy touch. A dishwasher can be put in the utility area if you’re running short on space, while ensuring you save time on getting your kitchen works done.

Built-in detergent trays and bins

Keep the trash at the right place is very essential to keep the kitchen clean, away from germs or mosquitoes. Though the natural habit is to keep the bin in the balcony or door near to kitchen, these built-in bins right behind the cabinet doors help to keep the whole area hygienic. It also safer option when it comes to segregating the wet waste from dry trash. Detergent trays can also be fitted to ensure that soap or washing liquids are not being laid openly.

Glass holders and cutlery holder

When considering saving space, such storage options appear as the best solutions to arrange your daily used items. Moreover such glassware and holders often offer an aesthetic look.


You need to give equal importance to safety and design; slip resistant floors, curved counter tops and proper gas lining are vital to make the whole kitchen area safe. Place your kitchen gadgets close to the switchboard that’s having enough distance to your gas stove.

Hydraulic and soft closing hinges

Gone are the old days where you need to push the drawer or open shelve and place it back. People are looking for easy pull and push solutions, such as hydraulic and soft closing hinges that offer easy maintenance and access of accessories.

Ensure to keep these elements in mind when planning your l shaped modular kitchen designs.

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