How to Create an Invoice on 3 Major Platforms

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How to Create an Invoice on 3 Major Platforms

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you need all the help you can get to run your small business. This is true no matter whether you’re new to business-ownership because of the COVID-19 pandemic or your company has been open for years.

Even established small business owners have trouble with tasks like how to create an invoice. After reading this article, your invoices will be better than the rest. Take a look at these great options for making an invoice.

  1. Use QuickBooks to Make an Invoice

QuickBooks by the financial software giant Intuit is one of the absolute most popular tools for small businesses. It’s a way to keep track of your expenses, payroll, generate pay stubs, and more. One function is giving you a professional-looking way how to make an invoice, and here’s how:

Go to the area called “invoicing” and click the button to make your first invoice. Pick your customer or add a new one to the software.

Customize payment terms and add the kind of product or service. You can print or email the invoice from QuickBooks if you want—and that’s it! Save your invoices for later review and use.

  1. Try Microsoft Word for Invoices

Making an invoice on Microsoft Word is a popular option for the smallest businesses above all others. Whether that’s you or you’re using Word for a larger operation, here’s how to create an invoice in Word:

You can get templates from Microsoft Office’s website or pick one when you open the program. The template shows where all the parts of an invoice go. All you have to do is switch information on the template with your own.

Microsoft Word is also the perfect tool for anyone who wants a more custom invoice. You can add new fields to a template if you like them. People not so into the templates can make invoices using the create table tools and document styling options.

Once you make the invoice, use the “save as” button to pick a file type and save your document. Use your usual email software to send the invoice via email or print the document if you prefer hard copies.

  1. PayPal Is an Easy Way How to Create an Invoice

PayPal has long offered a range of flexible, free tools for individuals and business owners. One of those tools that you may not have heard of is a way to make invoices.

It comes with some extra bonuses, like a quick and easy way to send invoices to international customers. You can also accept tips, partial payments, and decide whether you want to send the invoice out on a schedule.

Check out how to create an invoice in PayPal:

Log into PayPal, for starters, and go to the invoice tool. The online tool helps you customize an invoice template. You’ll fill it out with your information, your customer’s email address, and send it right from PayPal.

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