Guide to Movavi Screen Recorder for PC

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Guide to Movavi Screen Recorder for PC

Movavi Screen Recorder for PC allows you to record every activity that is taking place on the desktop screen. It is suitable for recording a tutorial as you point and click around the software to demonstrate how to use it. You could record videos or audio podcasts that are streaming online. The screen recorder can also be used in recording your favorite gameplay session to let your friends see how you win each level in the game. Many people have also used the screen recorder for recording the video chats that take place on instant messengers like Skype.  

Movavi screen recorder for PC has a small horizontal control panel that contains the most important controls for the screen recording. The control panel can be minimized and hidden when you are capturing the screen. To use the screen recorder, the first step is to adjust the capture area. There are many different sizes of presets that you can choose from the drop down menu in the control panel. Another way to change the capture area is to enter the width and height directly into the fields under the Capture Area. The width and height of the capture area is shown on the top left corner of the rectangle frame.

If you are creating a tutorial or walkthrough, you can highlight your cursor with a color to make it more noticeable to the audience. To highlight you cursor, you can go to the properties and select the Effects tab. In the Effects tab, you can check the highlight cursor check box and click on the palette to pick the color for highlighting the cursor. You can specify a different color for the left and right mouse button click. In the Effects tab, you can also see other options such as customize mouse click sound, show cursor in recording and show keyboard shortcuts on the screen. For the mouse click sound, you can either choose the default mouse click sound or record your own mouse click sound.

Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to enable microphone recording during the screen recording session. You will have to plug in your microphone and enable the microphone option in the control panel. When the microphone is plugged in correctly, you will see the green bar moving up and down when you are testing the microphone. If you want to record something on your audio speaker, make sure you select the System Audio option in the control panel.

If you want, you can also show your face on the webcam in the screen recording. If you want to record yourself on the webcam, make sure you connect a webcam to your computer and enable the webcam option on the control panel. When you have configured all the options, you can press the REC button to start the recording. As the screen recording session starts, the timer above the REC button will start ticking.

You will be able to know how many hours, minute and second your screen recording session has taken place. To stop the recording, you just simply need to click on the stop button to go to the screen where you can clip out the unwanted part of the video. You simply move the white marker to select the part that you want to delete and press the trash can icon. Finally, you can press the Save As button to save the screen recording video on your computer.

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