Get To Know the Holistic Treatments Used in Our Fentanyl Rehab in Houston.

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Get To Know the Holistic Treatments Used in Our Fentanyl Rehab in Houston.

Fentanyl is an opioid often mixed with other illegal street narcotics. Fentanyl has important medicinal uses, such as pain management, but it also has addictive tendencies that can lead to misuse. Fentanyl is roughly 50 times more powerful than heroin, making it a very dangerous drug. Skyward Treatment Center is here to assist anybody in need of a fentanyl rehab program in the Houston area. Detoxification, therapy (inpatient, outpatient, behavioral, and holistic), and aftercare plans are all available thanks to our well-established processes and protocols for managing drug and alcohol addictions. Holistic methods have long proved to be effective in treating fentanyl addiction. This piece highlights some of the most commonly used holistic methods in fentanyl rehabs.

Holistic Treatments Used in Fentanyl Rehabs.

All of the services provided at our center and inpatient treatment programs are geared at helping you find your own personal path to recovery and are solution-based and holistic. Addiction is a mental condition that has physical side effects and can cloud one’s perception of one’s meaning in life. Many of the methods used in holistic approaches to rehabilitation are based on the utilization of experiential activities that aim to increase the individual’s capacity for self-awareness and healing as a result of their addiction. Here are some of the commonly used holistic methods:

  1. Amino acids therapy.

Proteins can’t be made without amino acids; thus, they’re critical for optimal health and vitality. It is possible that your body’s amino acid levels may become unbalanced when you detox from fentanyl and other narcotics. We offer nutritional supplements at our addiction treatment facility to help correct any nutritional deficiencies that one may have, including amino acids.

  1. Horse therapy (Animal therapy).

Some patients may be hesitant to open up to human caregivers, but they may feel more at ease engaging with animals, which might lead to improved resiliency. Patients can benefit from working with horses by improving their ability to express themselves, setting healthy boundaries with others, and learning to replace negative thinking patterns with more constructive ones.

  • Yoga

In addition to its physical benefits, yoga is vital in addiction recovery by restoring a feeling of calm and equilibrium. Doing yoga can help you concentrate on yourself rather than your fentanyl cravings.

  1. Physical exercises.

Maintaining physical fitness is crucial throughout the healing process. Exercising regularly when withdrawing from fentanyl or while high can be easier with a specialist’s guidance. The extra health advantages of fitness regimens make them a common therapy choice. The staff at Skyward Treatment Center has designed a series of physical training programs to aid in fentanyl addiction treatment.

We are Houston’s Premier Fentanyl Rehab Center.

Skyward Treatment Center is a renowned addiction treatment center in Houston, Texas that offers comprehensive outpatient and inpatient treatment programs to offer our clients the most all-inclusive and tailored care possible as they work to overcome their fentanyl addiction. Our medical staff is available around-the-clock to assist our clients during fentanyl detox and handle any withdrawal symptoms that may arise. The skilled and caring team at Skyward Treatment Center will ensure that your addiction recovery process is safe and comfortable. Call us today!

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