Generic Drugs: A Brief Overview

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Generic Drugs: A Brief Overview

When expensive medicine impacts your budget more than you can handle, generic drugs can come to the rescue. Many people have switched to the alternative versions as they secure the same effect for a lower price. Such drugs are called generic. They have the same formula but a lower price.

Nowadays, one can easily buy generics pharmacy online. Consult your doctor on the optimal dosage and proper use before making online orders. However, before you choose to switch to generic drugs, you should realize that they have certain pros and cons.

Advantages of generic drugs

  • One of the biggest benefits of buying generics is the cost. Generic drugs are cheaper. According to the FDA, the price tag could be up to 80% lower.
  • The generic drug is very similar to the brand-name one because the dosage, safety, and performance are the same. There might be some minor differences like the color, packaging, manufacturing process, and formula.
  • Generic medicine meets all standards and requirements from the FDA. It implies that the drug is equally safe. Numerous tests have proven the safety of generic drugs.

Disadvantages of generic drugs

  • Even some slight differences or changes in the formula make consumers risk ingredient sensitivity or intolerance. For instance, if a person is allergic to some inactive ingredients like preservatives.
  • Different appearances can lead to medicine confusion or errors. Even the most attentive people could get the wrong pills by accident due to this discrepancy.

Bottom line

All in all, health care is expensive. Lately, some changes have led to a more cost-conscious environment. People opt for more affordable medicine solutions by purchasing drugs from generics pharmacy.

Many companies have created formulas that resemble expensive drugs in pharmacies but made them affordable.  The generic forms generally deliver the same results without any issues.



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