Five Must Have Skills that’ll Make You the Perfect Investigative Journalist

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Five Must Have Skills that’ll Make You the Perfect Investigative Journalist

Everyone is living a fast-paced life today. This has been a drastic shift to different digital platforms. Now people are doing the shopping online – why? It saves time, and money in traveling, similarly, paying bills online saves their efforts from standing in the queue.

Everyone is embracing technology. The way journalist works has changed over a decade. They have to take in-depth interviews, present the entire story honestly but apart from them, they have to handle different social media channels and news websites.

Tech Savvy:

The journalist has to remain active on different social media platforms. They have to write different engaging post for the news website and the social media post.

Learning skills like graphic designing, photography, the videographer is the added advantage. Apart from writing a story, you may have to record the short clips for Instagram, Facebook, or twitter.

Unbiased Approach

The journalist works on the relevant facts and information rather than working on their personal opinions. They develop the non-judgmental approach by scrutinizing the scenario.

Also, they have to open for other views, everyone has an opinion and their side of the story but they have to listen to people thought patiently. Open-mindedness brings new ideas and innovation to the news, though they have to present the entire picture honestly.

Research skills:

As a journalist, your role may require to write different knowledgeable articles on the product. Also, you have to interview a different famous personality. So, you have to thoroughly conduct the research and gather all the information that has to be presented to the viewers.

For example, you have to interview any politician, so you need to have an in-depth knowledge of his past work, and life. You have to prepare well and research all the information before taking an interview.

Late Eric Malling, a Canadian journalist was well-known for asking the toughest of questions and getting clear answers from his subjects. Eric Malling was the investigative reporter who set the bar at a high level for new the journalist.


The whole country may be watching the news, so never manipulate the news. Show the entire picture and all the facts to the people with full integrity.

Remember, people will appreciate you if you dare to show the real facts no matter how harsh it is. On the other hand, if you manipulate it or show your opinion then be ready to face the heat of criticism.


You may have to face a lot of criticism of people and editors. How will you deal with it? Would you give up or put every effort possible to maintain your dignity and integrity.

You may be condemned by people even if you are showing the facts. You have to stand strong-heartedly and face all the disapproval with persistence.


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