ezTalks video conferencing rented leveraging China Internet SaaS market

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ezTalks video conferencing rented leveraging China Internet SaaS market

In recent years, SaaS operating mode completely subvert the traditional software operation and delivery model, through the 2007 SaaS market, ezTalks builds China’s largest video conferencing platform, can be regarded as the 2007 Internet SaaS the most successful case, it not only pry Moving the Chinese Internet SaaS market, but also for the development of China’s IT industry has provided a successful and valuable experience.

SaaS is an abbreviation for Software-as-a-service, which is associated with “on-demand software”, the application service provider (ASP), hosted software (hosted software) Has a similar meaning.

The biggest feature of this service model is that customers can according to their actual needs, through the Internet to the manufacturers to purchase the necessary application software services, according to the number of services ordered and the length of time to pay the cost of the manufacturers, and through the Internet to obtain the services provided by manufacturers.

Users can rent software, and instead of renting Web-based software to the provider to manage business activities, and without the need for software maintenance, service providers will be fully managed and maintained software, software vendors to provide customers with Internet applications at the same time, It also provides off-line and local data storage for the software, allowing users to use their ordered software and services anytime, anywhere. For many small businesses, SaaS is the best way to adopt advanced technology, it eliminates the need for enterprises to buy, build and maintain infrastructure and applications.

And his greatest business opportunity to do the essence of the Internet, to achieve the maximum sharing and savings of resources, and users do not need to software licensing and hardware investment. Traditional software in the use of space and location constraints, must be used in a fixed device, and SaaS mode of software projects can be any access to the Internet and the time to use. Compared with the traditional software SaaS mode, all the software investment and upgrade costs are paid by the service provider, but also in the service, data security and other aspects of transmission has a great advantage, to the maximum extent possible to achieve mutual benefit And business security.

And now the hottest online video conferencing software rental services, is in the domestic SaaS operating model has made significant achievements in one of the video conferencing and SaaS are on the list of the 2008 IT industry’s most popular top 10 vocabulary, and this The perfect combination of the two technologies, so that business customers no longer need to carry out a lot of money for hardware or software investment, do not need to rebuild the network system, but do not need a special force to carry out technical support, you can achieve. Especially to achieve the small and medium-sized enterprise information service landing progress.

To China’s largest ezTalks video conferencing platform (ezTalks.com), for example, in most of the domestic video conferencing software R & D institutions, still bloody price war in the fight when the struggle. ezTalks technology will be the first to enter the SaaS operating model, the customer has not seen the shadow of the software, into a 100% service. Software vendor and customer relationship has undergone a complete change: from the sale of relations into a service relationship, SaaS completely revolutionize the traditional software delivery model of life, changed the people to buy software awareness. ezTalks as a development, not only for their own development opened up a new path, but also to video conferencing technology to enter a more healthy and vigorous development period.

The platform launched only more than a year to develop the tens of thousands of business users, many of them well-known domestic brands such as Haier, ezTalks, Lenovo, Pacific Insurance, has been a large number of domestic and foreign business users have established long-term good cooperation relationship. The ezTalks has deployed more than 50 high-performance servers in the six regions of Central China, East China, South China, Northeast China, Northwest China and Northwest China. It also provides video information exchange for tens of thousands of enterprise users. Such a large information interactive network is in the SaaS area Can be described as second to none, but also let ezTalks to become the domestic video conference rental service leader.

SaaS operating model completely subvert the traditional software operation and delivery model, and ezTalks technology as a leader in the provision of video conferencing leasing is leveraging the Chinese Internet SaaS market for the development of China’s IT industry has provided a valuable and valuable experience.

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