Everything you need to know about radio detection finder

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Everything you need to know about radio detection finder

Radio detection finder at times is also known as Radio Compass, it receives signals with which one can determine from where the frequency is coming or the source of the signal. This device detects the position of a battleship or of an aircraft. It is most useful in the military service and in investigation process. Earlier there was only presence and absence of a radio signal. These days there are various types of frequencies.

Types of radio detection finder

  • Envelope detector

Envelope detection is one of the major techniques to detect radio signals. The simplest form of envelope has a diode detector in it which is connected to an input and output unit. It even consists of a resistor and a capacitor.

  • Product detector

For AM and SSB signals product detector is used. It works as a demodulator. Received signal is multiplied by the original carrier signal. With the help of heterodyning the signal which is received is rather mixed with the signal from the local station. To differentiate between all the signals and filter out the frequencies, this product detector is useful.

Phase and Frequency modulation detectors

  • Ratio detector

In the ratio detector the sum of the diode voltages and the centre tap takes the output signals. The bandwidth is much wider than the Foster Seeley discriminator. It does not respond to AM signals unlike the other radio detection finder.

  • Phase detector

The representation of the phase difference between two oscillating input signals using a non-linear device is called a phase detector. In phase detector the radio frequency is transferred through the carrier wave.

  • The Foster Seeley discriminator

This detector includes a special centre tapped transformer with a DC rectifier circuit as its main components. This particular detector is used widely for FM detector.

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