Essential Sports betting Choices Now

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Essential Sports betting Choices Now

The parties participating in the bets are, on the one hand, the company, and, on the other, the customer (hereinafter referred to as “User”).

Persons without betting rights:

Bets made to order or made by bookmakers or bookmakers are prohibited. Bets made at the events in which the bettor participates (in this context “participant” refers to the persons involved in the event as a sportsman, athlete, owner, intern or employee or official at one of the participating clubs) or those made to the order to the participants. In addition, bets on competitions in the league, cup or other events in which the respective club or association participates may not be placed or placed on the order of the persons considered participants in the respective event. In case of violation of these rules, the company reserves the right to refuse the payment of the winnings and the stakes already placed, as well as the right to cancel the bets involved. The company does not assume the responsibility to draw the attention of the users whether or not they belong to these categories. In other words, the company is authorized to take measures at any time, immediately after identifying some토토사이트  site users who belong to these categories.

Unknown result:

When placing a bet, the user declares that he does not know the outcome of the event.

Ambiguous bets:

The Company reserves the right to refuse all or part of a bet and to cancel ambiguous bets.

Liability or data processing:

The company is not responsible for errors in data entry, transfer and or evaluation. In addition, the company reserves the right to correct the obvious errors, in particular the errors of entering the odds of betting and or evaluating the results (for example, the confusion of the odds, the results or the teams etc.) even after their publication or to cancel the affected bets.

The Right Deals

The Company is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content of the information services made available, such as notifications of results by email and SMS, among others. Also, the company is not responsible for the accuracy of live scores, statistics or intermediate results within live betting.

Further, the company also reserves the right to cancel bets, even after the publication of the results, if the bets have been won by the user due to a technical error, and the company can demonstrate this error using technical records. . The company has the obligation to produce evidence in case of a technical error. In such cases, the bet on the respective bet or game will be refunded to the user’s betting account. The company reserves the right to hold any player responsible for any damages caused to the company, due to the fact that he knowingly took advantage of a technical or administrative error during making deposits or payments.The amount designated and confirmed by the company is considered a stake.

Without organized betting:

Customers must place individual bets. If one or more users try to make the same bet several times, the bet can be canceled. This regulation can be applied even after the results of the bets are displayed, if the company finds that more users are acting in a lenient manner or as a union or that the respective bets have been repeatedly made by one or more users within a range of short time.

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