What are the Duties of a Special Events Security Guard?

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What are the Duties of a Special Events Security Guard?

If you’re interested in getting into the security guard business, it may be best to start as a guard for special events. This allows you to get the experience you need while protecting the people and assets at the event. A smaller occasion could be ideal if you’re working security for the first time, and there are certain things that you’ll need to watch out for to ensure you’re doing the best job. Here are a few factors to keep in mind so you can do your best on the job and increase your chances of working future events.

Be sure that you check out the venue before the event. This way, you’ll know where the entrances and exits are, and you can see if there are any potential areas where people can hide if they are engaging in illegal activity. Check the stairwells and hallways of the venue and get familiar with them and know if you’ll need to use these areas as a checkpoint for the event to make sure people are not entering the main space with weapons or dangerous materials. Inspect the main event room and the surrounding areas to see where people will put their purses and coats so you’ll know which areas to keep an eye on while the event is going on.

It’s also a good idea to know how to spot fake ID cards if you’ll be working the door at an event. If you’re the security guard in charge of checking ID at a club or bar and you need to make sure that no criminals or minors are entering the venue with counterfeit identification. You should know what authentic drivers licenses and ID cards look like; remember that different states and regions have drivers licenses with different designs, so you’ll need to know what you’re looking for so you won’t let the wrong people into the venue.

Since you may have to chase a criminal who has stolen a purse or valuable piece of jewellery from someone who is attending the event, it’s very important for you to be in good shape. After it’s been confirmed that you’ll be working security for a special event, make sure that you’re comfortable running fast for short distances or detaining a criminal until the police arrive. If you’re in decent shape, you’ll feel more confident when you have to exert physical energy to do your job.

While it’s not a requirement that you have a gun in all cases, it’s best not to have a gun as a security officer unless you are trained to use one and know that you won’t use the gun unless it’s absolutely necessary. You may also be given plastic handcuffs in case you have to detain someone until the police arrive. If you’ll be given a taser for the event you’re working, get some training beforehand so you’ll feel comfortable using the device if necessary.  Simply having these weapons in a holster that partygoers or attendees can clearly see is sometimes enough to deter potential troublemakers from making the event an unsafe situation.

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