Do You Want to Ship Your Car To An Overseas Country as Military Personal?

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Do You Want to Ship Your Car To An Overseas Country as Military Personal?

Have you got a new assignment in an overseas country? Have you decided to move to an overseas country with your bag and baggage? Are you interested to ship your car to a new country or your new destination? Have you got a new posting order to a new country?

Though you may carry your entire items through military personal operating vehicle transport, however, for shipping your car or any other vehicle you may need a service from a transporter such as Ship a Car, Inc. who is well connected with various transporters all over the places.

Let us try to know how you will ship your vehicle if you are military personnel and moving to an overseas country on posting.

Few rules that you must know

  1. As per the existing rule, you are eligible to transport only one of your vehicles at the Government’s expense. However, if you want to take any additional vehicles to your new location then you have to arrange your own for the shipping of that car.

Quite possibly, you will have to pay for its import duty, which you need to clarify from your unit.

  1. You are allowed to ship only self-propelled and wheeled motor vehicles. This will include:
  • Automobiles
  • Jeeps
  • Station wagons
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Motor scooters

Any other motor vehicles not specifically mentioned on the above list may qualify. However, you will need written certification by stating that the vehicle is actually meant for your own personal use for carrying a passenger.

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  1. If you are coming back to the USA then in a few states, your license plates, vehicle registrations, and licenses may not either be valid or valid for only a limited period.

You also must take insurance of your vehicle before taking delivery. Your coverage should meet minimum requirements as prescribed by your state where you are posted.

  1. If you are army or air force personnel then your vehicle can be shipped if it is sent to the port well within ninety days after your departure. If it is delayed then you will need approval from your overseas commander.

If you are a Navy personnel then your vehicle will be accepted only when a minimum 12 months period remaining at the current duty station overseas. An exception can be allowed if your overseas area commander certifies that your vehicle is necessary for your official duties.

  1. You must enquire from your service rules or from your unit about what additional items that you are allowed to carry along with your vehicle and what you cannot carry.

If you fail to comply with various restrictions that are imposed on military personnel, then your vehicle may be held, when it will reach your port until all those unauthorized items that you have included within your vehicle are not  removed and also shipped out of your country where you are currently posted,

You will have to bear the entire costs that are associated with removing all your items from your vehicle and also shipping them back to your home country.

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