Do You fell at a store? Know what you can do for a claim

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Do You fell at a store? Know what you can do for a claim

Injury due to slip and fall is common. It can be anywhere including a store, restaurant or in any business. However, the most important thing that you need to look at is whether you can claim for this fall or not. How do you know what to do if you slip and fall in a store? Against who can you file a claim? This article will help you know all the questions that come in your mind after the incidence take place.  

There Should be Negligence

You can only claim against the store if you have proved that:

  • The staff at the store was inattentive
  • Negligence of store caused you serious injury 

Just because you slip in a store does not prove that the store is responsible for your injury. To get compensation for your injury you need to prove that there was an unsafe condition that caused serious and long-term injuries to you. 

Who Can Be Sued?

Another question that arises in your mind is who can be sued for your fall? If the property is owned by the store owner, he is the one who will be liable for paying compensation. Whereas, if the property owner had given his property on lease, you can claim against the landlord. 

Significant Problems in Slip And Fall Cases

If you are claiming against the property owner or the landlord, you need to prove the negligence so that you can win the case. However, that is the most crucial time because you recently had serious injuries. So, the best way is to hire a personal injury lawyer otherwise you can face serious problems. Remember that there must be negligence to win a slip and fall case. Some of the essential issues that affect negligence are: 

  • What’s the floor absurdly slippery?
  • What was the reason for the slippery floor? 
  • Was there any warning mention regarding the slippery condition of the floor?
  • if the floor was slippery due to any foreign substance, how long was the substance on the floor before the incident took place? 
  • Did the owner of the store was familiar with the slippery floor condition? 

What are the substances responsible for making the floor slippery? 

  • Water, snow or ice
  • Oil, grease, or any other lubrication
  • Food debris, banana peels
  • Floor cleaner
  • Soft drink or any other beverage

So, it is very important that as soon as you get yourself after a fall, you should look at the floor, at your clothes and your shoes as well. Though you are not in the condition to collect evidence, these clues can only help you in filing a lawsuit. Once the evidence is removed from the store, nothing is left in your hand. Even it can be difficult for the slip and fall lawyer to win your case. But if you have collected some evidence, you can give it to your lawyer and he will make a strong case against the defendant. 


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