Comprehensive Guide to Archiving Text Messages on Android and iPhone

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Comprehensive Guide to Archiving Text Messages on Android and iPhone

Confidential information leakage has been a common problem ever since mobile communications commenced. Thus, with text messaging as the most utilized method of communication today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) enforce enhanced ordinances to secure private and confidential information from leakage, and one of them is archiving text messages.

In this article, you will learn about archiving text messages in different types of mobile devices, Android and iPhone, and how to organize archived SMSes on both:

Android Archive Text Messages

Built-in Archive Feature

Android archive text messages are built-in features that make it easy for users to cache text messages that are not frequently used or wanted by the user not to view. It is a beneficial attribute as it helps users free up storage without completely deleting them.

It is an essential feature because archiving text messages on Android is unchallenging:

  1. Users can only go to the Messages application
  2. Then, they only need to touch and hold the specific conversation they want to archive
  3. Only tap the word Archive button, and voila! The message will be sent to the archived folder, which is out of sight from the main inbox but still accessible later if needed.

Cloud Storage

Although Androids have Google Drive and Dropbox, these smartphone devices also have built-in cloud storage made by their manufacturer, like Xiaomi Cloud. These storage spaces help back data from images, videos, recordings, and documents to messages. Furthermore, it is also manageable:

  1. Android users can only open their settings
  2. Tap on their phone’s cloud storage
  3. Press Backup Now, and the phone will begin backing up all the phone’s files, including its messages.

Archive iPhone Text Messages

iOS Built-in Features

One of the great features of iOs is it enables archiving iPhone text messages. iPhones also contain a set-up like text message Android archiving, and it is also easy as pie:

  1. Users can only go to the Messaging App
  2. Pick the conversation they want to archive
  3. Swipe left on the conversation
  4. Tap the word Archive, and the conversation will be moved to the archived folder and hidden from the main inbox of the Messaging application.

iCloud Backup

Another great feature of iOs is iCloud, which is functional for storing and accessing data from the user’s Android device. Furthermore, it is also convenient; here is how you can do it:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Apple ID at the top screen
  3. Press iCloud
  4. Look for iCloud Backup
  5. Tap on Backup Now, and the device will begin backing up all your data, including text messages.

Third-Party Apps

WhatsApp is one of the third-party messaging applications used by many financial enterprises. Aside from offering various features and conveniences that native built-in messaging apps on Android cannot provide, it also has advantages like:

  • Additional Attributes
  • Improved Security and Privacy
  • Multi-platform Compatibility

Final Thoughts

Android and iPhone archiving features are both convenient and beneficial. Users can only pick which device to archive text messages based on their needs and preferences. As Telemessage, a well-known mobile messaging firm that offers messaging solutions, says, either mobile device is facilitative for the financial company’s conformity and security to protect confidential, private, and sensitive information from leakage.

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