Common Mistakes Involving Payroll Compliance and the Importance of Tax Compliance

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Common Mistakes Involving Payroll Compliance and the Importance of Tax Compliance

Owners of small businesses may be unaware of payroll compliance but it is an important subject to know about. This is because the lack of knowledge, in this regard, can result in valuable loss. But even so, payroll compliance not to mention keeping track of tax payments, the filing of deadlines and other procedures can all amount to a hectic job for a business and can lead to some mistakes along the way like:

Forgetting paperwork

Paperwork is an important part of any business. It can hold the necessary transactions and other affairs conducted to and from the business. Failure to keep up with the paperwork can result in disorganization, not to mention the loss incurred. This also applies to payroll compliance. Keeping the appropriate paperwork accessible can come in handy especially in order to get out of sticky business situations.


There can also be miscalculations involved when it comes to the payroll. This can be because of improper monitoring and mismanagement, which can lead to underpaid or overpaid employees. Keeping track of the employee’s regular rate and timings including working shifts can help provide an organized system and even prevent frequent miscalculations.

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Missing deadlines

Meeting deadlines can be difficult at times. But frequently failing to do so is not considered to be a good omen for a business. Imagine missing out on a client’s submission date. The consequences can range from minute to extreme, adding to the loss of the business. The same applies to payments which can be important to be made on schedule.

Being unsuccessful in maintaining records

Keeping a record of transactions involved in a business is a useful practice. It helps track progress of, the amount of earnings made in a particular period of time, the expenses of the business and other things; in short, the overall operations of the business.

If records pertaining to payroll are not maintained or updated, it is the business that is likely to suffer. This involves new employees that have joined the business, that is to say, active employees, as well as those who have left the company.

Tax compliance is another legal requirement that is to be kept up with the laws and regulations. It is important for reasons such as:

Not paying taxes involves facing financial repercussions

In addition to the penalties and interests that may be applicable on the taxes that have not been paid, property owners can get scrutinized by tax agencies and even have their amounts of tax assessed back. There are no advantages when it comes to not meeting the terms. The process is as simple as the payment of tax being made by the renter, and the owner of the property collecting and remitting the tax.

Tax can help fund programs in the local area

Taxes can be helpful in funding important programs that can be essential in order to maintain the quality of an area. These programs can include transportation systems, roads, development in the industry of tourism, and other improvements.


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