Cleaning Methods for Every Floor Type

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Cleaning Methods for Every Floor Type

There are different types of floors, including ceramic, concrete, marble, wooden, laminate, carpet, asphalt, brick, etc. The choice of your floor depends on many factors but most of all your preferences. Some floors are easy to clean while others require some good preparation and special cleaners.

Different cleaning methods suit different types of floors. You need to choose the most appropriate method for your floor to ensure cleanliness and avoid damage. Most of these floors share some cleaning methods because they may have the same type of materials. However, other floors require special care, and if you’re not careful enough, you can cause some severe damages when cleaning.

Whether you choose professional help or do the cleaning yourself, it is important to understand the suitable cleaning methods for every floor.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is not just beautiful but also easy to maintain. You can use any type of chemicals to clean these floors without exposing them to any damage. You can also scrub them down using steel wool to remove any stubborn stains, and they won’t have any scratches. Just remember not to use a lot of force. All-purpose cleaners or polish are important cleaning products to keep your laminate beautiful.

You should, however, go easy on solvent-based cleaners and scouring powder as these can damage the floors. Also, avoid using very hot water for the cleaning if you want your laminate floors to be durable enough. You should also avoid waxing or polishing your laminate floors.

For thorough deep cleaning, you can get a damp mop to clean your laminate floors. Mops that have reusable microfibers and are washable are the best cleaning items to use. You can also get a laminate floor cleaner spray to help make the cleaning work easier and remove different types of stains.

Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors don’t gather too much debris making cleaning them easy. However, if left unattended for long, these types of floors can easily wear and tear.  The secret to keeping them attractive and long-lasting is regular cleaning.

All you need is to choose the best hardwood cleaning products, and everything will fall into place.  A microfiber dust mop will be useful for removing dust, debris, and all kinds of dirt on your floor. You can also choose a robot vacuum that does both vacuuming and mopping to make your work easier.

If you love to go green and save costs on cleaning products, there are natural cleaning products that you can choose to DIY. Vinegar is one of the home cleaning solutions. DIY cleaning methods are also pet and children friendly and will not expose your hardwood to any chemical damage. If you’re using water, be careful so that too much water doesn’t sip in the wood as this can cause damage.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are adorable and will keep your house looking beautiful.  They are easy to clean and maintain. This is, however, only possible if you keep them clean. The tiles are very porous; hence, you can clean them with all-purpose cleaners mixed with warm water.

To clean the tiles, you need first to sweep or vacuum to remove any loose dust or debris. Use a rug rather than a sponge mop. Sponge mops tend to push dirty water into the grout lines making your work harder. Always ensure you’re using very clean water to avoid coming up with cloudy floors.

Cleaning Carpet floors

Carpet floors are the hardest to maintain, but you can do it with the right cleaning products. One thing about dirty carpets is that they not only appear ugly but can also attract allergens, which may not be good for most members of your household. Dirt and allergens stick on the carpets and can cause respiratory problems

Cleaning carpets depends on how dirty they are and the type of carpet you have. Not all carpet fibers are treated equally. Some cleaning methods can damage the fibers, while other methods may not remove the dirt as needed. There are plenty of good carpet cleaners in the market; you need to know which one is best for you.

A high-quality vacuum cleaner for your carpets is another essential product to put in mind. Avoid heavy vacuums as they can damage the fibers of your carpet, especially the soft ones. Good vacuum cleaners are lightweight and come with enough suction to remove the dirt. You should pair a good vacuum cleaner with the best carpet cleaning products to clean the most stubborn stains.

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors stain easily because they are very porous. However, cleaning them is not a complicated task as you can use all-purpose cleaners to finish the job. They need regular cleaning to remove dirt and grit, which can, otherwise, cause scratches.

Before you start cleaning, it is important to know the type of finish your concrete floor has. Sealed floors are the easiest to care for because they are mostly stain-resistant and non-porous. You only need a wet mop and clean water to clean the floor. You should avoid using harsh cleaners on sealed floors, as this can make them dull.

Polished concrete floors are also easy to clean, and you can use a dust mop or a vacuum to do the cleaning. You can simply sweep to remove dirt and debris and leave everything at that. If they are deeply soiled, you can use a damp mop and commercial concrete cleaners for polished floors. These cleaners are PH-neutral; hence, safe for the floor.

It is your duty to clean your house and protect your floor from any type of damage caused by dirt and debris. You can also make your cleaning work easier by preventing too much dirt, stains, grit, and debris from finding their way into your beautiful floors. You need to invest in a good doormat to keep the dirt away. If you have small children and pets, you can train them on proper hygiene methods to avoid littering or staining the floor.

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