Casino slots – popular game types and list of the best games to win

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Casino slots – popular game types and list of the best games to win

In this article you will learn why slots are so popular in casinos and what are their types and which ones to play for the highest prize.

Casino slots: introduction to the game and slots with the largest jackpots

Slots is one of the oldest casino games, and you can try play in the best slots online The first machine has appeared in 1891 and was an iron box with 5 reels and cards on them. With the development of IT, the slot industry has made an incredible breakthrough. Nowadays, in every casino you can find several hundred slots that are significantly different from each other. In real casinos you can find slots in which for passing bonus levels you need a pull a lever, turn the arrow, play a mini-game on a touch screen, etc.

The rules of the free slot apps are simple. All slots look like a machine with several reels and symbols on them. You make a deposit, select a bet and press the spin button. Reels spin and stop at a certain time. If you have collected a winning combination, then congratulations, you received cash! Perhaps this simplicity brought the game such popularity.

Why are slots so popular?

The popularity of casino slots is due to several factors:

Simplicity. You do not need to learn the rules as in poker, try to beat your opponent, bluff and hone your skills. Just chose a bet, chose paylines, clicked the spin button and that’s it.

Design. Have you seen the casino slots created this year? They look incredibly beautiful. Full HD graphics, high-quality sound, smooth animations, video clips, various themes. Modern slots are not some kind of mini-game, but a full-fledged exciting adventure.

Real money. Of course, many go to the casino with the desire to earn. On slots you can earn great money if you hit the jackpot or if you are lucky in the bonus level.

Diversity. There are slots for 3 reels, 5 reels, with a large number of paylines, with multi-rates, with action levels, etc. Everyone will find a game to their taste.

Availability. If you do not want to play for real money, then on the Internet you can find thousands of casinos with free slots. You can also download the application to your phone and play with it.

Due to these factors, casinos have gained a wide audience in the gambling sphere.

Popular variations of slots

All popular slots are divided into several types:

3-reel slots.

5-reel slots.

7-reel slots.

9-reel slots.

Bonus slots. Most often, bonus levels are found in 5-reel and 7-reel slots.

Progressive slots. Games with a progressive jackpot, which increases for each game played. In some casinos, the progressive jackpot grows only from your games, in others – from the games of all users.

Progressive online casino slots are especially popular because jackpots sometimes reach millions of dollars.

Slots machines with the highest wins

Of course, you can hit the biggest jackpot in progressive slots. Such machines can be found both in real casinos and online. First of all, check the cumulative jackpot of all machines and find the largest. Wait until someone feeds the machine with money and try your luck. Perhaps it is you who will receive thousands of dollars from several spins.

In second place are casinos with a bonus level. Get some multipliers during bonus round, and at the end of the mini-game, you will receive an amount significantly exceeding the fixed jackpot of the slot.

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