Brain Haemorrhage: Symptoms, Treatment and Medical Crowdfunding

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Brain Haemorrhage: Symptoms, Treatment and Medical Crowdfunding

When an artery in the brain bursts, the subsequent bleeding kills the brain cells, causing a condition called a brain haemorrhage. While some patients recover completely, many lose brain function and cannot be treated.

What causes a haemorrhage?

Head trauma, high BP, weaknesses or abnormalities present in the blood vessels at birth and bleeding disorders are some of the common causes.

Patients now turn to crowdfunding India platforms to afford treatment.

Proper medical care for a brain haemorrhage can cost up to Rs 15 lakh. Usually, a CT scan or an MRI is first done to reveal the damage done. An eye exam can reveal the condition of the optic nerve, which often swells during a haemorrhage. Treatment is decided by doctors after these tests are performed, depending on the extent of the condition, cause and location. Solutions may either include heavy medications or even surgical procedures to alleviate the internal bleeding.

Healthcare has becoming increasingly unavailable to Indian patients thanks to rising costs of treatment. Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru see dozens of patients raising funds on a single day as they struggle to afford treatment for conditions like cancer, organ failure, brain haemorrhage and so on. Crowdfunding eliminates the risk and burden of payback that come with loans and provides a safe and secure online platform where patients can easily accept donations in a short span on time.

What kind of symptoms do you look out for?

A sudden and severe headache, weakness in the limbs, nausea, lethargy, blurring or other changes in vision, difficulty in swallowing, speaking or reading and loss of coordination and balance are some of the most common red flags of brain haemorrhage.

Can you prevent the risk of a brain haemorrhage?

Though prevention isn’t entirely possible, you can definitely reduce the risk by a large extent. Here are some precautions to take:

  1. Treat high blood pressure before it’s too late.
  2. If you smoke, stop or at least reduce your consumption of tobacco.
  3. Drive with care, and make sure to wear your seat belt each time.
  4. If you ride a bike or motorcycle, make sure to wear a good quality helmet.

Why is crowdfunding India the best option for patients?

Many patients and their families sink into poverty as they sell their assets, take heavy loans and resort to other measures to help pay for medical bills. With crowdfunding, they can bring their primary networks (friends, colleagues and family) and secondary (contacts of their primary networks) and even strangers to contribute small amounts and collect enough for their treatment. Platforms like Impact Guru have countless features that makes this process convenient and easy; to the extent that first-time campaigners have been able to raise the funds they need overnight!

If you know a loved one in need of funds to pay their medical bills, turn to crowdfunding today! You can find enough information on how crowdfunding works tips and tricks to reach out to donors and more on websites like Impact Guru.


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