Which are the Best Scaffolding Companies in Australia?

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Which are the Best Scaffolding Companies in Australia?

Best scaffolding companies in Australia is very important to keep in mind when we go for repairs, construction or renovation of any structure.

In today’s modern age developments are happening all over the world at a very rapid pace. Buildings, monuments, bridges are all being constructed in mammoth proportions. It is very important to keep in mind not only the soundness of the structure but also the safety of the workers constructing these structures. Scaffolding is very important in helping us carry out the construction of huge structures with minimal damage.

As the structure is important we use the best construction materials to build it. Similarly scaffolding is also important so we need to find the top scaffolding companies in Australia to go ahead with our project successfully. All over Australia there are many scaffolding providers. Each of them provides their own specific service and benefit.

Let’s take a look at some of Australia’s best scaffolding companies:

  • Mr. Scaffold – this company has a large provision of scaffolding made with aluminium. Mr. Scaffold reaches clients across Australia going from Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.  For almost 20 years access solution has been provided successfully by Mr. Scaffold all over Australia. Their scaffold systems made with aluminium are registered with WorkCover. Mr. Scaffold has an excellent focus and record of reliability, service, safety and quality.  Mr. Scaffold uses a T-6061 alloy to manufacture their product which is more durable and long lasting compare to traditional access solutions made of steel. Mr. Scaffold has stringent in house safety checks, quality assurance, and cross checking of all products to meet their high standard of quality control and this makes it one of the finest scaffolding providers in Australia.
  • Benchmark Scaffolding – this company is based in North Queensland, Brisbane. It is popular in the market for supplying resources, energies, construction, utilities, infrastructure and petrochemical sites. Benchmark specializes in overseeing the construction at mining sites, shutdowns, bridges and ports. Benchmark is famous for its professionalism, efficiency and safety. Benchmark Scaffolding employs highly skilled project managers, scaffold experts, design engineers and safety officers that are present at the job at any given time to ensure smooth running of operations. Benchmark scaffolding as a company has realized that its strength lies in its dedication to the project and the skill of its team of experts. Benchmark Scaffolding has invested a lot in the retention, development and training of their employees. This focus on the employees makes Benchmark Scaffolding very sought after as employers making is an excellent scaffolding company within Australia.
  • TJM Scaffolding – this a family run business that has a combined work experience of more than 60 years in this business. The best access solution brought by this company due to techniques implementing innovative scaffolding products puts this family company in the list of topmost scaffolding companies in Australia.  TJM employs industry experts and is adept in maintaining lasting and expansive relations with clients. TJM Scaffolding fluidly amalgamates the expertise of the past with the innovations of the future to give clients the best service that can be provided.


Best scaffolding companies in Australia can be chosen keeping in mind the service you need and the company that can best provide this service.


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